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7/13/2022 c5 PatriziaAmadori
ciao , magari fosse andato cosi nello show...
11/13/2020 c14 10lovesmesomedanilalol
Loved it, wish the story had gotten finished. So sad for that.
6/18/2018 c14 BMF015
The story: Light is just great.

Is it going on with 15 chapters soon?

That's great

12/29/2017 c14 iaspire75
so I am just finding this story, I know I am about 2 or 3 years late but please oh please finish it. I need to know if they have the kids, if he tells her about his dreams. what caused the dreams to begin. how does she respond to his admission.. I need to be able to swipe left a few more times until I get my answers... PLEEEEASSSSE
9/8/2015 c14 Marilyn .o
Loved it... Please finish it .Please . I hate to not know the end of a story . Especially a great one like this one ...
7/12/2015 c14 dreamingofolicitrealized
Are you going to add chapters to this and finish it? I am just now reading it almost a year after your last update... it's a bit depressing that it isn't complete. It is an amazing story... please finish the journey... xoxo
6/14/2015 c14 TENaSeein
Oh wow. I think that this may be my favorite of your fics. Any chance you might update this little jem anytime soon? PLEASE!
4/26/2015 c14 Sana
I love it . Are u gong to update soon lease do
12/19/2014 c14 Guest
Please update.
11/8/2014 c6 4ellieloves2read
Ehehehe, I love this chapter too. Especially the couple last paragraphs. Kudos!
11/3/2014 c14 Guest
i love this too! all your stories are amazing!
8/29/2014 c14 4Je Veux Croire
WOW! Please update soon! I loved this chapter )
8/11/2014 c14 8brittany.barbour1
It's great, can't wait for more
8/11/2014 c6 brittany.barbour1
A peck on the cheek in the office? I see Sarah is about to break up with him, but will there be drama at work?
8/3/2014 c14 nrdhrd3
Amazing chapter! I LOVE that song!
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