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for True faces

10/3/2017 c2 1cyzja922
7/24/2015 c8 18iamthesea
I like this.
6/27/2015 c7 iamthesea
Amazing chapter my friend. Simply amazing.
1/18/2015 c6 camewtwo
more chapters
9/7/2014 c1 camewtwo
Good story Idea, I like it.
9/4/2014 c6 theskinnymaninsane
More plz!
8/17/2014 c6 iamthesea
I can't wait for the next chapter.
8/7/2014 c4 Fellow Digitamer
Wow, I bet I look stupid. It's supposed to say "have" after "can you." I made my own grammar mistakes. Sorry about that.
8/4/2014 c5 Fellow Digitamer
I think the plot of your story is great. Having Albedo learn to be a hero from Doc's sister in Rex's world is definitely something different, in a good way though. I would love to see more of your story, but is there any chance you can someone or yourself to proofread it?

The grammar really confuses me as it isn't in the right forms at the right time. Some sentences don't quite make sense, further causing interruption to a good story, for me anyway.

I just thought I would bring this up since I would still want to, and I will, read this story. It's just that I can't quite understand everything.

Please do NOT take my review in a negative way. Continue this story and the updates, and keep up the good work you've done for this story so far!
6/23/2014 c5 iamthesea
keep going.
6/11/2014 c4 iamthesea
I love it. what happens next
4/30/2014 c3 iamthesea
cool chapter. hope to read more.
4/9/2014 c2 iamthesea
amazing. Can not wait for more.
4/4/2014 c1 iamthesea
I love it.

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