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for Lucy the Celestial Dragon Slayer

5/11/2020 c17 Guest
This is a beautiful story, and I really do hope you do continue it. but I'm actually writing my own fanfiction. I don't think I'm going to post it, it's just for me to write. But I still feel that I need to ask you. When Lucy was battling Natsu, she had a lot of really cool and awesome moves. Do you think that i...um, do you think that I could borrow them..? I know, I know, I'm sorry, I just really love them! They're all awesome and really smart, and they go great with everything. So I was wondering if you could give me permission to borrow some of these attacks moves. Of course, I'm going to change them up a bit so that it doesn't look like I just copied you. That would be terrible. So could I please use some of the attacks that you wrote here? I'm deeply sorry for such a request. But thank you for writing such a beautiful story, I loved it and I bet others did too. Please at least consider this, and please continue this beautiful mater piece. It at least deserves a well written ending. Thank you and good bye.
5/10/2020 c8 Guest
It's funny because while reading this chapter, the song 'I won't say I'm in love' from Disney's Hercules started playing.
4/26/2020 c4 Guest
I can tell you're getting Lucy to act more like Natsu, now that she's getting trained by a dragon. But I don't think getting raised by a dragon can really change things. Like how Natsu is different from, say, Cobra, Wendy is different from Rogue, Gajeel is different from Sting, and how none of them are serious and sane like Laxus. I personally think it would be of best intrest to have her get a little crazy, but still nice and sane Lucy...sorry. Also, since i'm still at the beginning and don't how you take this story, I do have a few ideas. Maybe you can have other colors for attacks since the bright yellow could get confused with Stings. It would also be really pretty to imagine Lucy's attacks blasting out colors, the universe is many colors after all. But for her element to be able to eat, I thing she should be similar like Acnologia, have the ability to eat pure magic energy. Not like eat fire and ice, as long as it's pure magical energy, she could eat it. Like the powerful magic beam thing Phantom Lord had. Sorry, this is a beautiful story, and you're doing amazing. It's not up to me how this story goes. With that said, i'm deeply sorry, bye.
4/26/2020 c2 Guest
Ah, please don't forget she's still a Celestial Spirit Mage. Lucy would never leave her friends behind. I don't know where exactly you are in the timeline, but can Lucy use Star Dress? Please do, it made her stronger and awesome-er? If that even is a words. Also, maybe she could find more keys along the way. Maybe even her own set of Pisces, Libra, and Ophiuchus. I already know that you write a lot of chapter, but please at least consider this? I'm sorry, i'm just weird. Anyways, sorry for wasting your time, thank you and good bye.
11/14/2019 c1 Dr Fossil
Interesting concept but poorly written. Desperately needs a good beta.
7/30/2019 c9 Mitchell William Hall
I don’t know if I like this... why have the drama at all? It needs the Hurt/Comfort tag or something.
4/29/2019 c8 6UnknownWriterToTheWorld
Natsu: fire dragon roars at Lucy

Lucy: Uses unison raid, secret dragon slayer art, summons over 9 spirits, releases celestial seal, hits him into the air and repeatedly beats him up to where it's not detectable to the naked eye, and severely wounds him

Guild:"Congratulations on your win, so proud at how strong you've become!"
12/6/2018 c14 supboyyyyy93
4/28/2018 c17 Guest
1/25/2018 c1 sdaniels2340
I knew she was a hoe
12/10/2017 c13 Sailormoon3638
really good till you put raping in there
12/10/2017 c12 SailorMoon3638
i ship Annabelle and Rouge
12/3/2017 c9 Guest
love this chapter! make more!
6/22/2017 c1 devo333100
those two are perfect for each other
6/22/2017 c1 devo333100
i hope it will still be a natsu and lucy story
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