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for Endless Doubts

7/8/2020 c7 6SSDDAChelsie
Wow! he really screwed that up. poor Elsie!
I hope you'll come back to write more of this story
9/12/2017 c7 simaruba
I know there hasn't been an update in a long time, but you should do it. It's a brand new look on their relationship. It could have a totally different outcome. Please consider it. I would really like to read it.
9/27/2014 c7 Guest
Please continue this! Charles definitely needs the chance to make up for what he said and how things were left!
5/4/2014 c7 44Mestizaa
This chapter was a rollercoaster. I started off all happy and giggling to myself about the double entendres... then it got steamy... and then... BAM.

So many feels. I'm sorry I can't type out a more coherent review.

I eagerly await the next installment.
5/4/2014 c6 Mestizaa
Honestly, how do you do it? Even though they have an understanding, there seems to be even more UST now!

So pumped for the date now, omg.
5/4/2014 c5 Mestizaa
Did not see that coming at all! DAYUM. I was totally prepared for more near misses and more missed chances.

I'm actually a huge sucker for "Carson-and-Hughes-are-hypocrits" fics (as I like to call them.) Usually, these fics skip to the actual affair, or they take place afterwards when they finally get married, or, on a sadder note, die. This story is rare in that it explores how two characters, who have a shared respect for propriety and for their jobs, could have even ended up in that situation.
5/4/2014 c4 Mestizaa
Poor Edith!

Everything is dosed in so much irony and I'm loving it. I like how they honestly believe that there might be an heir yet. That Edith will have a happy life... That Mary will marry Patrick... Just wait a few years. Just wait. :P
5/4/2014 c3 Mestizaa
Ughhh... All the UST. Their restraint is killing me.

I love how you manage to stay true to their characters even in an AU. AUs are so tricky, especially ones where the characters are younger. They're not quite the Carson and Hughes that we know (because, you know, character development) but I have no trouble believing that this could have happened.
5/4/2014 c2 Mestizaa
I am finally getting around to catching up on this wonderful story. It's like every small detail has a purpose and no word goes to waste. The small moments you write are so poignant.
5/3/2014 c7 cinnamon84
Wow what a wonderful steaming hotness! Worth the M rating. But oh Charles, what a clumsy ending...
5/2/2014 c7 12Kissman
Charles! Why? Everything was so lovely and then he has to go and ruin it with his words and his propriety and I actually want to smack him through my screen. Course it wouldn't be Charles otherwise. Nice chapter, I'm excited to see where they go from here.
5/1/2014 c7 BrittanyLS
Oh no, he's made her feel ashamed of what was a beautiful moment!
4/30/2014 c7 4spokethewind
i can hardly function enough to type a literate review! dear lord, that was amazing! you write them so well together, from the bantering to the stupidity that is charles carson. i have complete trust that he will put everything right between them... eventually. can't wait for more!
4/30/2014 c7 23Mona Love
Ohhhh. I felt my heart sink into my gut at the end! Oh Charles! Really?! Right afterwards? Shame on you! ...and I loved every delicious bit of it! The heat and angst is fabulous! How will he ever redeem himself from this horrid behavior? I can't wait to find out! :) xo
4/30/2014 c7 13NothingMadeMeHappen
Oh no!
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