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for Persona: Twin Tales

4/26/2016 c3 risedragon0009
Please write more fanfic of your amazing twins story.

Usually in most fanfic they go for faternal twins with Female Protagonist from Person 3 psp.
7/7/2014 c2 MeiDash
I really look forward to seeing more of this! Good job
6/13/2014 c3 4HeavensLuminousArc
The story is really interesting and first of all it was a persona game by ATLUS, it's impossiable to be OOC, and there's also the fact that it's YOUR fanfiction, don't mind going OOC at times because for the MC's it's pretty impossiable. Also I like your guess of shibuya, it would make it easy to describe or insert things about it because there's a lot of noticeable places there like Hachiko, or Sunshine Towes, or 104, (TWEWY) lovin' the story! HeavensLuminousArc
6/10/2014 c2 DoomMarine54
The twins don't act like characters they act like constructs like you assigned them one character trait and stuck with it. Why is Minato acting like he's five?
3/31/2014 c1 brother-complex-queenpin-of-steel
LOVE! was expecting to have the 2nd chapter already till I realized that the story was only posted 20 hrs ago _
please update it soon
4/1/2014 c2 gerson sounds interesting write more and make it interesting! XD

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