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4/2/2014 c1 11tris-everdeen99
I'm sorry it took me so long to review!
Firstly, I adore this and I am so excited that you started a new story.
I don't really care if updates are sporadic, this is so dark and intriguing, I can totally wait :D I found a couple of teensy TINY errors - as in, a misplaced apostrophe - but that is all I can criticise. You described Hermione beautifully, and Draco too - I love this. Your writing is outstanding.
T x
(I will get back to your pm and the doc you sent me as soon as possible (and I have a chapter I'd like to show you too) so bear with me, Love and cookies 'til then)
4/1/2014 c1 ella
I am jet lagged and lazy atm so I'm not logging in. But wow. This is one of my favourite things you've written - it's brilliant and I love they way you portrayed Malfoy. They're at Malfoy Manor, I'd guess?


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