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for An Unburdened Fury

5h c28 TheRightPrice
This was an awesome story arc and an epic battle! Great writing and characterizations all around!
1/2 c50 2AxDevilman
Damn, wish I read this ob time, but such is life.
Still, a good way to start the year.

Ah Cooler, already showing you're your brother's blood. Still obe of my favs, and hope you don't get your way in Namek because that would suck for the pirates.

Ahaha, 17 is so fun. Hope to see more of him, because his little dialogue already gave me a good impression.

Boi, seems like Namek will be a ckusterfuck. Hope it will be fun when we get there with all these characters.

I appreciate that you didn't save Broly in the afterlife for later. Sprout not an OC, eh? I have someone in mind, but I'm not confident yet. And there's no better time to get new tricks than dead, LOL (SSJ4 is one of my favorite saiyan forms, so I hope it's hinting at that).

Can't wait for Namek to explode in five minutes!
12/31/2020 c50 Jutten
Ah Broly, welcome to Hell. Yemma's right though, he's lucky Beerus didn't decide to interfere in the balance, erasure ain't funny I'd assume. Idk ask Zamasu.

So Broly is gonna get his tail back? Now that would be interesting to see him harness the 'true sayajin potential' and I can already see the total madness in Namek with the androids, Cooler, the Herajins, Genome, and Broly coming back this is going to be wild lol god damn.

A Happy new year to you my dude, wish you the best for 2021, stay safe and see ya next time!
12/31/2020 c50 fightingchampion
Broly regaining his tail ? Are these hints at super saiyan 4 someday ? I can't wait to see what broly learns in hell.
12/30/2020 c50 GhostKing666
Eh, the only thing mechanical about 17 and 18 were the bombs inside them. Their enhancements are purely biomechanical, Gero basically rebuilt them from the cells on up, it's why Cell was able to absorb them.
12/30/2020 c50 SuperSaiyajin4Vegeta
Is Sprout an OC or is he from some game I haven't heard of?
12/30/2020 c50 Abyss Emperor
Oh hey the z fighters tried to recruit the Android Trio and failed. That's certainly a twist, but not nearly as much as the idea that a Dead Saiyan can somehow restore their lost tails!

Going to be real interesting see how Sprout makes that work, if Broly accepts. In other news interesting to Hear Beerus is about even if he's most likely snoozing.
12/15/2020 c49 11Hamza9236
So I've seen your stories and ideas, and they're actually really interesting, and I'm very excited for the DBZ x LOK story, with Frieza being in it and all, you know.
12/3/2020 c49 2AxDevilman
My perspective it's very conflicted to say the least.

Goddam was this an awesome chapter! I lack words to express the praise it deserves, but dammit it was perfect.

It's funny thinking about the fact that you've made us care about this mismatched group of genocidal Space Warriors, and that we still manage to be worried for the one that as Legendary power.
It was touching how he made that (failed) promised and I was truly saddened by his fate and last thoughts (and amazed, because it caught me by surprise).

And even though Genonme wants to be a good guy, he still comes off as dreadfull and threathening by his actions and power (which is great, I love it).

I wouldn't mind if this was the last chapter we got this year, because this was really really good. I'm looking forward how the group deals with this (and Broly with being dead).
11/28/2020 c49 SuperSaiyajin4Vegeta
I'm liking Genome's development. DBZ never had any villains that thought they were the good guy.
11/24/2020 c49 Primal Warrior
Yes broly dying will be great character development for him. And will help him get past that fear. I'm guessing broly will get the fully controlled version of the LSSJ state in hell. And he will be revived on namek to help against genome. Great job!
11/24/2020 c49 fightingchampion
NOOOO Broly! He better be revived! He iS the main character after all.
11/24/2020 c49 Guest
I just read your story and I enjoyed it. Also for your story I would like to suggest that goku and broly meet in other world. Goku could also tell grand Kai to let him fight in the otherworld tournament. It could also be cool to see goku and Broly fight janemba and buu.
11/24/2020 c49 Jutten
OOF, so long Broly my man (or at least until Namek, eh? nudge nudge, wink) Makes me wonder how actually dying will impact on our Legendary saiyajin. Hell would not be fun even in the comedic ways it is portrayed in canon.

Glad to read more from you, as usual, loving what you're doing, can't wait for more
11/23/2020 c49 Abyss Emperor
Huh, well this is certainly a twist I could never have seen coming. Not often the protag is killed in such over whelming fashion, even more so with a kill confirm moment to boot!

Biggest bright side to this disaster is our Boi was the Villain of his story, so this pretty much benefits the universe...until Cell ultimately trumps Genome. Cause I doubt Cell will fail, for all the potential Genome has, he's on a slippery slope called "Justice" with a Devil on his shoulder.

Although I got to say biggest loss besides the guy's life is the progress he was making with his new crew, but hey now we can get some sweet character development in Hell and give a chance for the lads on Earth to play catch up!
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