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for An Unburdened Fury

8/4 c65 twisterblake2015
Great chapter but will broly unlocked SS2 and SS3 I'm wondering?
6/14 c57 3Raos
This is awesome, the Fusion Reborn madness, Genome and higher ups of the universe trying to solve it. Then there's the stuff on Namek.

But I'm glad to go back to Earth for a bit.
6/14 c56 Raos
I forgot about Guru's hidden power awakening. I didn't think Guru would do that for them but it's the best option for everyone involved.
6/14 c55 Raos
Wasn't expecting Janemba so soon. Well looking forward to it! Gonna keep reading
6/14 c54 Raos
Very good, I enjoy Broly's interactions with 'Sprout' and the situation on Namek.
6/13 c53 Raos
Hopefully the androids and heras can help stand up to Cooler.

It feels really strange seeing Cooler act so friendly, and creepy. I like it, just don't trust it lol
6/13 c52 Raos
In the middle of Sprout explaining his reasons for helping Broly I immediately said, that's Paragus. Lol, honestly I should've known when u said that Sprout wasn't an OC. Still a great twist that i didn't guess for awhile.

Gonna keep reading.
6/8 c50 Raos
Sprout offering Broly his his tail back...

I love where this is going.
6/8 c49 Raos
I'm back and slowly catching up. I wasn't sure at first but I really enjoy Genome. He's a good villain if you can even call him a villain. Feels like if Cell had a hero complex.

Well Broly got himself his first dead, a rite of passage in dragon ball.

Gonna keep reading.
6/5 c65 Rufael
Broly. The Hulk of Dragon Ball Universe. Rage feeds him. So um... when is he turning red?
I do like how he went through his mental issues... and attachments. Yup... definitely a soft spot for Zangya. Noice XD
But also ... seeing her again(i really forgot her name). Probably his biggest regret. And how he finally made peace with it. Good stuff.
Can't wait for ... SSJ3 Broly? SSG Broly? Oh hell idc, just bring it XD
6/3 c65 DeMightyLubu
Ayo that chapter was fire. The scene is very well described, its like you can actually see it. You sir have mastered writing dragon ball like no other. I haven’t seen anyone come close to describing a fight that feels as if it came from the actual animations. Nice to see Genome again. I’m always excited to see him. And once again, juggling between all the povs like a master. Absolutely nailed it.
5/31 c65 16Doctor Snake Eater
The curtain is finally lifted. I can't wait to see what level of fury Broly unleashes.
5/31 c65 fightingchampion
Will broly be getting a new form in the next chapter ? I thought he was going to get one this chapter.
5/31 c65 Marvelfan4Life
Some people just have to let out their anger problems. And here is one more example. This is Broly’s arc to change for good. Some times the best way to face your problems is to go through Hell. But that is usually metaphorical and not literal! Oh some people always have to do things the hard way.
5/26 c64 2AxDevilman
Yeah, gotta give it to Toriyama. A unique villain with an even more unique weakness. Classic.

Anyway, loved that we got a little glimpse of what's going on in Earth. Fun to see someone so overpoweeed be this- INVINCIBLE -. Hope 17's unlimited stamina and infinite energy can keep the immortal wizard Garlic Jr. at bay for Goku's plan (looking forward to that outcome too).

Oh boy, Genome. Cell might not be perfect, but he sure is persistent. Had some crazy action right there with him, makes me look forward to see how he reaches Perfection and how powerful that'll make him (them? Cell does seem to have more influence than first thought).

Well... Shit. Guess no further beyond transformation 4 Broly just yet.

And whis woke up. Shit has broken the fan.

Good chapter, keeping it great with playing our expectations and keeping the thrill of all that's going on.
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