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for It Only Takes a Flickering Candle in a Forest to Start a Wildfire

9/28/2016 c3 ValahenValarion
Gott, your story is beautiful. When will you continued it?
4/2/2014 c3 NatheRiver
O.o I like this Severus , going to the dark side (remember that they have cookies xD) well , thank you so much for the chapter ! , hope to read the next one soon :)
4/1/2014 c3 Guest
Looks like things are being to pick up a bit by the way I did notice a few spelling mistakes so you might want to to go over this chapter again but overall it was good
3/31/2014 c2 Guest
:O gasps this is epic! I'm glad Sev realised Lily's not perfect
3/31/2014 c2 NatheRiver
:O holy crap , it's a good story , really keep going on with it ! Hope to read the next chapter really soon ;D
3/31/2014 c2 hwyla
Seems to me a pretty good start. It will be interesting to see what you make of it. I cannot promise to love the story yet even tho' I would like to see Snape come into his full 'billowy' self.

I'm a little worried about your note about him becoming 'cold'. Of course this makes quite a bit of sense considering all that is happening to him. It's just that such changes do not usually happen so quickly, but then sometimes they do. It will all hinge on making it believable. I have high hopes.

You might also want to know that your first chapter posted twice - as Chapters 1 & 2.
3/31/2014 c1 13actionliker
finally a badass, non-pathetic, non-"boo-hoo from being friendzoned by Lily, Snape" fanfiction (who hopefully won't be working under voldemort or Dumbledore) I only read like 1 of these fanfics, like "The Path to Power of The Half Blood Prince!" by" geasagobble" but I highly doubt it would ever be finished since its been 5 years since the last update.

hell, i even tried writing two of them but gave up after the first chapter or so.

Hope this one finishes, hopefully He and Lily won't reconcile their friendship (or if they are, make it believable) update soon!

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