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6/12 c15 20EiswolfZero
God, this is beautiful. I love how it's split into little sections and yet the flow is perfect. I enjoyed every second of this!
11/2/2021 c15 YukineKaze
reread again, and i'm not suprised that i'm really content to read this fic without any comments, which means i really really love ur works

but i'm a bit of regret that i haven't review anything before, i'm apologize for that, it's kind of insulting this wonderful works for having no reviews from me who really really enjoy this ride

thank you for ur work! they're so lovely! hope to see new kaishin fics!
11/4/2020 c15 14PerParallel
Just read this again and wow, I absolutely love the way you wrote this fic. The way you develop the characters is just astounding, and everything flows so incredibly well! This has been one of my favorite fics to reread over the past year or so, and there’s a good reason for that, and that reason is because you are an excellent writer that wrote an excellent story.

How you wrote just makes everything seem so natural. The way the characters talk and interact feel genuine and real, and I think that’s one of the greatest allures for me when it comes to this fic. It’s just... wow.

I have no other words to describe it, it’s just amazing lol. I’d have to say, excellent work! I’ll definitely be reading this for the fifth time sometime in the future (because, as I mentioned earlier, I really, really love this fic a lot!)
9/20/2020 c8 5hun.i.might.be
Yes, Conan. That's the reason you are keeping the drawing, of couurssseee.-
9/20/2020 c6 hun.i.might.be
I thought I had read this before, but I didn'r remember. This chapter just confirmed it! I loved it then and I love it now!
Love these two.
8/8/2020 c15 Zero.g
Gaahhhh... seriously I LOVE THIS. And is it really ending? I want more :'(((

Thank you for sharing!
8/6/2019 c15 schleeper
possibly the most wholesome fanfic I've ever read
thank you so much for writing this <3
8/6/2019 c15 29A Smiling Cat
I'm so glad it ended well ! The beginning of this story was a bit sad, but I guess it's difficult to keep being lonely with Kaito... They are really cute together, and I love how you had Shinichi's other friends interact with them.
Thank you for sharing
7/8/2019 c15 Kabnondra
So cute! I love this story, although I do feel really bad for Nina. Thanks for writing! The Chrsitmas scenes are wonderful~
6/25/2019 c15 urshurak
What a beautiful story! Definitely one of my favourites!
3/2/2019 c15 26Fi Suki Saki
This fic is so Amazing!
The ending is so Wonderful!
It was pretty satisfying I almost literally cry...
Kaito is Wonderful and simply the BEST!
Shinichi and Kaito balance each other so greatly!
I Love it so much!
2/5/2019 c15 4EverThePhantom
Yes of course the Kudous are in the know )
Been following this for awhile. The snapshot style isn't really my cup of tea but it was enjoyable nonetheless! My favorite part was Kaito being a detective. Really, between detective-ing, college, Kid and journalism, when did he sleep?
1/22/2019 c15 51Alaena F. Dragonstar
I’m kind of sad that the story ended, but I definitely enjoyed reading it. :)
12/27/2018 c15 arisaaira
I just want to thank you for writing this beautiful beautiful work. It's sooooooo beautifully written that I don't have other words to describe it. Thank you so much
12/24/2018 c15 2Hikaru Yami 999
OMG! Thanks so much for finally completing it! I love it! This story is so good~!
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