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for Dragon Age: Dovahkiin

10/5/2014 c3 Spartan DJB
Some undeniable sad parts but would to see Howe's face when he realizes he didn't kick a hornets nest but a freaking nuke.
10/5/2014 c1 Spartan DJB
Glad to see some people think there are lighter combos that just as effective plus while i like the other races elves don't get used enough
9/25/2014 c3 UltraTrentham11
This story is absolutely awesome really it's wonderfully written
9/22/2014 c3 Guest
Hopes she meets the Dalish along the way while trying to go to Ostagar looking for Duncan.
9/21/2014 c3 21thepkrmgc
dang, lucian is rather OP isnt he...
9/21/2014 c3 13The Flying Frog
Very nice. And I'm so glad Serana showed up.

I'm glad that you showed how powerful the Dovahkin is, but is not able to save everyone, and thus has limits.
9/21/2014 c3 RikudoNaruto1
recently ive been reading a lot of naruto/elder scrolls crossovers and I believe you should write one i think you would totally kick its ass :)
9/21/2014 c3 10ultima-owner
That's a great person to send to help
9/20/2014 c3 Archangel12575
Well I had hoped you'd save Oriana just so I could see the Antivans go to work with the Dark Brotherhood. Oh well, there's always our other favorite elvish assassin.


Ask. Kirk
6/7/2014 c2 21thepkrmgc
another great chapter, i like how your doing the whole all origins thing. things are a bit happy for a dragon age fic but i expect that will change fairly soon
6/6/2014 c2 ArtanisRose
I love how bluntly Miara pointed out that the Maker could be a dead God. That would be so much win.
6/2/2014 c2 74Dis Lexic
Is is pretty good. I just started playing a DE character with a mod that allows me to have dragon horns. And he really does look like a very small Qunari. Hope you update soon.
5/22/2014 c1 21thepkrmgc
DA has its own explanation of those, its not just another part of tamriel. i like your choice of dark elf, although one of the beat races might have caused quite a stir in thedas
5/20/2014 c2 Guest
Great story so far. I'm looking forward to more.
Just one note. Your Dragonborn is interesting, but I see you frequently desribe her beauty, especially her eyes. I wanted to say that maybe you could cut that down, at least a bit. I would really hate for her to end up as a 'Mary Sue', because I really like her so far. It's just a piece of advice though, and you keep writing as you want. I'm looking forward to see how the rest of the story turns out.
5/18/2014 c2 thefluffyone93
I tried to read this, and I got about halfway. There are just too many problems with grammar, tenses, and sentence structure for me to enjoy this. You clearly have enough content, and the idea is sound; its just the way it is written. Is English perhaps a secondary language? You need someone to go over and correct these, to a native speaker, relatively small errors that just built up into a mountain in your story.
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