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for Dragon Age: Dovahkiin

2/14/2018 c2 Guest
"Your" indicates belonging.
"You're" is short for "you are".
1/18/2018 c2 dveth
This story isn't written in the present tense or past. It switches between the two, sometimes within the same sentence. That's a big problem. Unfortunately, since that's the biggest problem I've seen so far, it's still better in regard to grammar and spelling than many stories I've read on this site. But still. If you want to read a story that has good grammar, let this one pass.
1/17/2018 c16 person
Oooooo. :D
12/21/2017 c14 Face Yourself
Story went strong for a while, but really kinda started dragging the last couple chapters - which is odd, because the Fade was my favorite part of the game in Origins. Ah well. Still a good read, just... not as good as chapters 5-12 or so.
11/20/2017 c16 CapriSunnyD
This is such an interesting and fun story. I can't remember the last time I enjoyed a story so much that I actually read the whole thing in one sitting. I hope to see you continue it someday!
11/16/2017 c1 1NathKingCoal
10/14/2017 c16 5WBXtreme234
Also you really should have had either Miara or Serana sing The Dragonborn Comes because that would make sense for them to do like before she told them she was Dragonborn
10/14/2017 c1 WBXtreme234
The BEST stories is what I meant
10/11/2017 c16 WBXtreme234
Please continue this. This is one of the stories on this site in my opinion
8/24/2017 c15 2kitten198485
Is the fade Lorkham's realm?
8/24/2017 c13 kitten198485
Wow glad i remembered Alando-Sul from Battle of the red mountain. :P very interesting twist going on here.
8/16/2017 c2 2rc48177
The part where they are comparing cultures comes off as pretty preachy. Mages in thedas always have a very real chance of being possessed or manipulated by demons, their history has formed their culture, for good or worse, and there are constant threats to the survival of their civilization around every dark corner. Tamerial is a high fantasy, Dragon age is a dark heroic fantasy.
8/9/2017 c16 RedSnow101
Absolutely loving this story. By far my favourite dragon age crossover. I really hope to see more of this. Would love to see Dragonborn move on in the end and be with Serana. Update soon!
7/18/2017 c1 Arthanos
Please continue I enjoy this story very much
7/18/2017 c16 dragon slayer of death 98
oh fuck, shits about to get real, and i really hope serana and miara get together
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