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for Calling Back Agent P

4/7/2019 c30 BaileyChap
Now is the time everyone decies to put something pro-bilaterus in the reviews section, thus undermining the fact it was a colaboration and not instead just bilaterus' own creation, which some people might argue was copied by Jet Engine despite zero evidence supporting this, seriously though, make sure to put better hints of collaboration next time
4/7/2019 c13 BaileyChap
Review for the trailer for Meaping with the enemy, i would like to see that, also, continue this series, or make a new one, such as, Calling Back Agnet P: Continued or Another Calling Agent P or something like that. Long review short Please, Please, make that meaping sequel, it seems interesting, and it could contain everyone finding Perry's secret, thus resulting in him being fired, which allows for a slighly different B plot, man, im monologuing really hard here, aren't i, andyway, i would like to see that, so uh,

7/10/2015 c13 Guest
I want to see meaping with the enemy NOW PLEASE ILL WRIGHT IT MYSELF
6/9/2015 c1 Tech12
Please update! Please!
2/10/2015 c44 Guest
I think it would be awesome if you made a crossover with the fairly odd parents and Phineas and Ferb
1/11/2015 c44 Fan
I'm intrigued.
1/11/2015 c44 Ficklepickle7
YES. Wait a sec... Shelby and Fairly Oddparents... Are you saying that maybe Shelby has fairy godparents like Timmy? Or was that just a coinsidence? Meh. It might still be interesting if that happened though. And I can't wait for that Fairly Oddparents crossover!
1/12/2015 c44 1Platyfan 101
Awwww this is so cute! (some how I find dances to be cute when I'm shipping)and LOL for phineas and his love logic " your babies will be cuter" XD
1/12/2015 c44 4toystorylover
I might want to see a Fairly Oddparents crossover.
1/11/2015 c44 77Galaxina-the-Seedrian
Aw, poor Phinny...at least you have Shelby. :3

Ferbella wins this round. I am okay with this! Where shall this go? Squee! :D


12/17/2014 c43 ficklepickle7
That... was... AWESOME!
Awwww Perry's so adorable when he's grouchy! :D
And Pinky's cool, too.
Those were great rewrites of Christmas carols! The Fanfiction Police certainly won't come after you! They will, however, come after like all of my stories because I use, sorry, use-D a copyrighted song in like every one. XD I had a disclaimer, but still. I'm a little scared now.
Perry: "Well the Fanfiction Police can kiss my-"
Pinky: "OKAY, Perry, lets get on to the next one..."
That cracked me up XDD Well I can't wait for the next chapter! Sorry for suxh a long review!
12/17/2014 c43 shadowstalker
Ha Ha!That was a good one!Song four (doofs)was my favorite.
12/18/2014 c43 1Platyfan 101
XD BEST COUNT DOWN EVER! And as for Doofs song XD It's the new old-fashion way!
12/16/2014 c43 15zapdosmaster145
Yup, I was right! :D I liked how the changes in lyrics matched the characters' personalities, nicely done! This was a funny update!
12/16/2014 c43 9PrincessDragon96
Cool chapter. I love Christmas carols!
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