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6/10/2016 c6 aspiring icarus
It's really good! Totally love it, but I'm writing a story that has the same basis and I really like it but I also want to post it here on . It's completely different from yours but it has the same idea of a S-Seven agent defending Bumblebee once he's captured. I just wanna ask if it's okay for me to post it. I don't want to annoy you or make you mad, so yeah. Anyway, keep writing and keep loving. You're doing good work.
6/29/2015 c1 1Caspian Siren Reaper
This a great story want to read more
2/1/2015 c6 ThePegasusDevice
Woohoo! Everything is working out! (So far- aaand I jinxed it...) Anyways, keep up the good work! It sounds very interesting!
2/1/2015 c3 ThePegasusDevice
Awww. So sad! Poor Bumblebee and Amy!
6/8/2014 c6 8MasqueradingDragon
Nope, I don't hate you. I loved Amy and Bumblebee's interaction.
Keep up the good work :)
6/7/2014 c6 2SinistrousDelirious
Ooh interesting story! Update when you can
6/1/2014 c6 2Isurus2317
Yay, I was afraid you had disappeared! Great chapter :) I read your a/n and I was going to suggest she join NEST as a researcher or assistant. But seeing as that has been taken care of, maybe you could have S7 make a reappearance. An organization like that would be big on secrecy, obviously, so maybe you could have them send an assassin after her or something. And not kill her obviously, but just S7 trying to tie up loss ends. Just an idea.
4/10/2014 c5 8MasqueradingDragon
Ah, lovely :)
I'm sorry to hear that this is the last of your pre-written stuff, but I look forward to seeing what you come up with next.
4/9/2014 c5 Mullkkkkkk
Awesome, pure awesome
4/6/2014 c4 2Isurus2317
Wow, that sounds awful! But, I am glad Bee made sure that Amy was found. Please update soon :)
4/6/2014 c4 8MasqueradingDragon
*mouth drops* Holy crap. Poor Amy. I'd be angry, but hey, it's S7. And that Mrs. Engelhard(?) seemed like a real piece of work.
Looking forward to the next chapter :)
4/2/2014 c2 Guest
What a touching story! And well written too! Please, please continue and update soon!
4/4/2014 c3 2Isurus2317
Amy is a brave character, very admirable. Great job. Please update soon :)
4/3/2014 c3 8MasqueradingDragon
Wow, poor Amy. She is not going to have a good time of it.
On the upside, I am so happy that you're updating quickly. It makes my day. Keep up the good work :)
4/2/2014 c2 2Isurus2317
Very interesting! I am looking forward to seeing what happens next. Please update soon :)
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