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for Polished Gems 1: A Fated Meeting

8/2/2016 c40 AfroMcFourthWall
Wreck them! Leave one survivor so they may travel the cosmos, spreading the story of the utter defear brought upon them by green diamond!
6/28/2016 c39 10.510 Too Nice
Yes. This chapter was crazy! There was action! Drama! Perfect use of a deus ex machina! And the suspense! I couldn't have asked for more. :)
4/25/2016 c29 2ChimaTigon
What happened to Peridot and Jasper?
2/21/2016 c35 JesusChrist the messiah
Congrats on 300k words my good samaritan.
This is by far my favourite fic of any fic I have ever read, and I will always read this,

So it brings me great joy to tell you that you have a special place in heaven. ( And in my community)
12/17/2015 c34 Guest
This is a godamn masterpiece. I cried tears of joy when I found this, because I know now what I have been looking for in a fanfiction. Tip o the fedora.
12/16/2015 c30 Guest
Same guest. Allow me this explanation. My brothers a retard, and got onto my laptop while I was taking a piss, decided to write up that little attack on free speech, in which I had to point out to him that just because you referance DBZ does not mean that you plagiarized it. Sorry, and good day.
12/16/2015 c30 Guest
JUST SAW THE GINYU FORCE REFERENCE. HA. I now realize that this is not your own original content.
10/11/2015 c32 7Cfintimidator
Can Steven be trainned or what would his fusion be with Tanza
9/7/2015 c11 2ChimaTigon
Are you going to do the episodes with Peridot and Jasper.
9/6/2015 c31 7Cfintimidator
Can Steven and Taz fuse into Blue Topaz to help Tourmaline
8/20/2015 c1 Master of Mankind
Me again I was wondering if I could get permission to put this story on wattpad?
6/19/2015 c28 Cfintimidator
I seriously don't know why the gems won't train him if he needs to protect his friends
6/6/2015 c27 Cfintimidator
6/6/2015 c14 1shelton.ez
6/4/2015 c24 7Cfintimidator
This is seriously fucked up
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