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3/23/2016 c32 Guest
Great story thanks for sharing.
7/30/2015 c32 3Lovetowrite86
Just finished the whole story and I loved it. Can't wait to read the sequel! Great job!
5/16/2015 c32 liferscove2118
Well I pretty much loved this from the word go. Nice work.
4/18/2015 c32 HGRHfan35
Bring it on and anaze me
4/17/2015 c31 mitzyspain
Really interesting love it
4/8/2015 c32 Guest
Can't wait for the seq
4/8/2015 c31 2ericzmic
Oh no. I wonder who was in the car. Not one of the regular characters otherwise she probably would have recognized him or her. Maybe a little hired help from Bobby or Gemma. I can't believe she had Jax's kid. Her choice to keep that info secret (not that I blame her) is going to make for some interesting drama.

I am glad my reviews were helpful to you. I really enjoyed your story and can't wait for rhe sequel.
4/8/2015 c32 india-guest
Awe congrats
4/8/2015 c20 india-guest
awe more
4/3/2015 c31 Guest
So who was it? Please make a sequel to this story. ..
4/4/2015 c31 HGRHfan35
Wow...lenny was wise to leave but true love never dies...
4/4/2015 c31 india-guest
4/3/2015 c31 2decadenceofmysoul
Awesome story so far!
4/3/2015 c31 NatalieLynn
Lenny was pregnant! Wow! Jax threw away more than he ever thought when he took that blonde bimbo into his bed. Who's in the car? It's hard to picture it being any of the guys as they'd probably ride their bikes, unless they thought Lenny'd be more likely to notice someone showing u on a bike and maybe taking off again. Whoever it is, it does not sound like Lenny is going to be at all happy to be found. Unless it's Jax, they better not approach her, and if it's him, he'd best be crawling and begging forgiveness for being an idiot and a jackass.
3/19/2015 c30 HGRHfan35
My heart screams: NOOOOO!
My head says: Fuck, he deserves to lose her!

More, please
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