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1/27/2021 c8 Guest
So good. I love it!
10/10/2020 c8 Guest
It is amazing, can’t wait for the next chapter.
2/23/2020 c8 4playonworlds
This is still SUPEEEEEEER cool. By the way. In case you were losing faith in your story or something like that. Trust me, I can't see any decline since the beginning. It's really amazing and just ignore any flame reviews you get. Sometimes people just like to be nasty, it doesn't mean that your story is bad.
The ONLY problem I had with this chapter isn't even to do with the storyline or the writing style. It's just that Gandalf said "Run, you fools," instead of "Fly, you fools." For me that's kind of a famous catchphrase of the story but don't worry, it's really easy to make mistakes like that (I know I do) and also that's just me being my usual Lord of the Rings freak. I don't think most people would even notice that kind of thing.
Please continue this story, despite what you said about jumping fandoms to Star Trek, because it is one of the best fics I have ever read! EVER!
2/22/2020 c7 playonworlds
Great chapter! I really like how you've made Rashka really strong and powerful, which I don't often see in stories, and is quite refreshing. I love all her magic powers, like InfraVision and SightSound and the rest. It's all SO cool!
Keep going, with the knowledge that there is at least one person and probably a LOT more who totally one hundred per cent LOVES YOUR FANFIC!
2/21/2020 c6 playonworlds
Did you actually make that song UP? If you did, well done, I could never in a million years do that. Anyway, I am still LOVING this story, it is SO GREAT and I really really really REALLY hope you finish it (I say that because there are some authors who appear to live in a different time dimension, so one week to them is one year in the real world.) I can't wait to see Rohan! But as that IS in the second book, no pressure, go at your own pace, remember, quality over quantity and all that. Don't rush.
(Oh, and you know that story I spoke of in an earlier review? Well, in it there's a guy who can turn into a wolf. I am serious. I decided all this before I even started to read the summary of your fic. I reckon I must be connected psychically to your story or something, it's freaking me out!) ;)
Also, I recently saw on the internet a really great picture about a wolf and a song (of course there was some text in the picture) and I thought of your fic and that you'd probably like to see it. So do you know if there's any way to send pictures between fanfiction users? If there isn't it doesn't matter, I just thought you'd appreciate the picture because this fic IS called Shadow Song and it IS mainly about a wolf (well, not really a wolf, but still).
Once again, really well done for all of this! Remember: keep calm and write fanfiction!
2/20/2020 c5 playonworlds
Story still amazing. I am really in SHOCK at the moment. Do you know why? Recently, I was thinking about writing a proper story and attempting to publish it (as one does). So, I decided I wanted to have a female main character, because there are WAAAAAAY too many male protagonists in fantasy stories (and it would, of course, be a fantasy story, because fantasy is the only thing I know how to write). And I was reaaally struggling to come up with a good name for the heroine, but just, like, YESTERDAY I thought of the name Ara and I decided that would be her name! And then I read this footnote, saying that you thought Ara is a really pretty name! Coincidence or WHAT?! If I didn't believe in signs of fate before, now I DEFINITELY do! I love your story even more now! If that's even possible, because I already loved it soooooooooooooooooooooo much before. You should seriously think about writing as a career. You have talent. Lots of talent. Lots. Believe me.
2/20/2020 c4 playonworlds
Awww Legolas! I knew he'd be a major character in the story. You really have got all the characters perfectly and I can't wait for the Fellowship to leave. So I'm going to rush off right away to the next chapter!
2/20/2020 c3 playonworlds
2/20/2020 c2 playonworlds
Oh my GOD, how do you - how - why is your story so so so so so so frickin' BEAUTIFUUUL?! I mean, the song of the wolf? Shadowsong? I mean, WHAT? I would sooooooooooooooooo like to see a picture of Raksha!
2/20/2020 c1 playonworlds
This is, quite simply, AMAZING. It is so poetic and so beautiful and so well written and so incredible and so great and so amazing... I'm favoriting it right away!
5/15/2015 c8 redruby8
Very interesting, its kind of hard to see Aragorn come off so rude I was put it. one some level i understand because how can anyone just become friends so fast. its kind of funny thinking of a Raksha as a wolf but as tall as a horse.. how weird would that be? I'm rambling anyways your story is great and love how you are putting so much into it so it doesn't become a shitty story. Thanks and keep update as soon as possible..
5/15/2015 c5 redruby8
Its very interesting and i love how you actually put thought and effort into your story so she's not a bumbling idiot or a Mary-Sue. I don't know why more people haven't faved your story, its awesome.
3/20/2015 c1 ccsakurahime
I never really comment on anything because I always think there brilliant. However this story was something new to me. Nice plot. Great character. Not enough chapters but I can be patient. Still waiting for a story update from 4 years ago. Great job ;)
5/30/2014 c8 mezzieb1
I think the storyline is amazing! There are many ways the story go... Cannot wait for the next chapters to see where you take this!
5/29/2014 c8 11MaxRideandPercyJackson4ever
Like it (minus gandalf)
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