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8/30/2018 c8 Snowy
It's so so amaizng to read. I can't wait for more. I love Di, and Nan with Jerry are my otp. And this angst is so amazing
1/25/2016 c1 510TolkienGirl
Beautiful. I don't know if you remember me, but I actually signed up for a while reading Nan of Avonlea-in fact, to review it-and I have since written over 200 stories! Your work really inspired me. I love what you've done here...great insight into the characters and each little detail so well-drawn. Lots of vivid characterization. And I love that Little Elizabeth married Paul Irving! I can't recall if that was in RoI, or if you added it in?
Great job, as always. I love Di, and Nan, and Walter...omg. WALTER.
10/11/2014 c1 1Andrea1984
I like your Story very much, to read about Di and Nan during WW I.


8/18/2014 c8 Emolma
This was a wonderful chapter, thank you, very much like LMM's writing. I'm looking forward to your next post. (And as for me, the longer a chapter, the better...)
8/14/2014 c8 23katherine-with-a-k
oh my! how long has apple drop been living in your head! i could fairly smell the place, how did you describe the air? resinous! delicious. there is so much to adore, the little details that made their house feel like my own, the gorgeous garden, the little domestic tiffs -choosing the chairs! i loved persis arriving in all her golden glory -thank you for describing her to the very ribbon in her hair- and the way you managed her relationship to faith. but pot. kettle. black! i burst out laughing, and kept it up all the way through.
my favourites part would have to be how the glen folk felt a little overwhelmed at bustling kingsport (in the glen we would have nodded at each other!), the way walter seemed to change into something not himself, and most of all PHIL! oh what genius bringing phil back (even if he is to be a boy version) phillippe with an E! my god how i laughed. brilliant brilliant stuff, i am still smiling. it made for such glorious reading after the war sads. thankyou nan!
8/13/2014 c8 19Alinya Alethia
A cat called Shakespeare -I do love it (but of course I would, you know this, this from the woman who calls them for saints and things Biblical). And the house is dear, I have the loveliest picture of it, and am minded of nothing so much as the first kitchen I had the keeping of, though it wasn't half so colourful. And the detail about the girls trying to house things differently was too apt -kitchens can be a territory unto themselves (my mother and I still do battle over where things live whenever I'm home) -as was the one about the washing up. Of course Una thinks it counterbalances taking a moment out to think, and thank you, thank you, for muddling out why she doesn't go away from home with the others.

I could run on and on about the details that took my fancy but I'll never have done if I do and sometime today I must finish with a dissertation, so in an effort to be sensible for half a minute, I really enjoyed watching you bring in your own characters. Your enjoyment in writing them shows; you are making the Ingleside set your own too while still tying them to the books and it is a treat to read.
8/7/2014 c7 23katherine-with-a-k
first of all thanks to the guest reviewer! if they hadn't asked questions i never would have read 5 summers! i had favourited ruby gillis as an author -but only managed to read one, anne of the glen -which is a hoot! i can't believe someone's already written a rilla story -in 2011 too! here i thought i was being so original ;oP
this was lovely. there's something different in your writing since you returned, i can't put my finger on it, but i felt it in your previous chapters too. i thought chapter 6 was this golden never to be repeated perfection, and i have read over and over again -the gold locket next to the heartbeat (can i have that and you can have my painting sunshine line? ha ha) and the honest tenderness of the whole exchange between jerry and nan and nan and jem just stung me. i have read it over and over just basking in it's loveliness, trying to see if some of it would rub off on me. and while this chapter isn't like that in content i find it's substance just as beautiful. when i read di's diary i feel as though i have found something that was written back in the day. your language is so authentic, the style, the little details, and the way you have unravelled a scene that maud wrote and then put it back together again in a new way -i am truly enjoying this story. thank you!
8/4/2014 c7 19Alinya Alethia
There are some wonderful moments here -I loved Gilbert's line about the hat, and it being Anne's trick at funerals -of course it was and of course he said as much. As was that line about Miss. Cornelia seeing Rilla walking back with Fred Arnold -or rather, Di hoping she had not. And the twins contradictory views of Jims -lovely for mum/but he will disrupt dad -it said so much so easily about the pair of them and about the family dynamic.

And while I'm thinking of Jims, it was a treat to see him from another angle -he takes ages to grow on Rilla I remember, and it was sweet to see him with the others, and sweeter to see he wasn't always the red, slippery wrinkled thing that so nettled Rilla. (No doubt from writing of them myself I especially appreciated that glimpse of Una and Nan with him -they have always felt instinctive nurturers to me.)

No doubt I couldd ramble happily for ages, I will add only I'm indebted to you for that superstition, it is symptomatic of what a poor presbyterian I make that I collect them, and have always had it (this will be the Scots in me no doubt) that it had to be a month without an R for luck, May being the weird exception. Proof I suppose how wonderfully contradictory these things are when we think too much on them.
7/31/2014 c6 Guest
Is it just my overactive imagination or are quite a few lines in this story taken from "Five Summers" by ruby gillis?
7/28/2014 c6 Alinya Alethia
Overdoing the dramatics? It was so achingly real my breath caught over it, honestly. There is such a blend of fire and tenderness in Nan and Jerry's as you write them, such an undercurrent of raw feeling that the miracle would be you not feeling it. The aside about what Susan would say over a 'gentleman friend' was exactly right, it broke just enough of the tension and made me laugh -what would Susan say had she heard them?

As for Jem with Nan, it's a lovely thing you've done, bringing that relationship more to light. Not overly sentimental, just deeply, deeply caring and intuitive. A joy to read as ever.
7/28/2014 c6 23katherine-with-a-k
oh god oh god oh god
there are many reasons why i write fanfiction but what you have written right here is the reason i read it.
thank you thank you thank you. i cannot write more for being so utterly moved. thank you
7/25/2014 c5 katherine-with-a-k
what a treat! 2 in quick succession, i feel almost spoiled. i really really enjoyed this chapter, and if you did too in the writing of it then it shows. there was a quiet sad voice in this, a flatness that comes when all the drama has passed and people have to go on (and darn on)
the details were especially wonderful, you must have researched incredibly thoroughly because it comes thru with such a naturalness as though you yourself had grown up thru this era.
i loved the gold chain round faith's neck, and the talk of 'uncle' douglas -especially being invoked to scare the glen kids, loved the rolling of the cigarettes -the perfect job for di -and ken's imput into it. even the way you wrote of how it hurt her fingers, it was little touches like that which made this chapter sparkle. i loved the look into nan and jerry's relationship, it sounds annoying but very believable -crises are all very well, the big moment, the altercation, the resolution (yes i am talking of myself here) but that's not real life is it? real life urks and rubs one up the wrong way -and di captured that so well. really interested in the way you are working out the growing distance between walter and di, especially. it makes sense that he goes to rills -she still needs and adores him, whereas di sees straight thru him. can't wait for jack to make his appearance! it shows that i only ever read three of your chapters doesn't it -i shall have to take my red face off to finish it! ;o)
7/25/2014 c5 19Alinya Alethia
The details in this chapter are fantastic. For some reason the mention of rolling cigarettes brought Ella Bembridge of the Thrush Green books to mind and that agreed with the picture I had been drawing of Di in wartime-no idea why, two people less alike I don't know. And you do a lovely job of Di's journaling, her voice is all her own and the things she focuses on suit her. I know you said Jem had given you pause but he's spot on, they all are -and I loved the glimpse of Shirley and a plausible reason for his not joining up on the heels of his brothers -Montgomery really does loose track of his age, doesn't she?
7/22/2014 c4 23katherine-with-a-k
wow, the beginning of this chapter just about broke my heart. i loved the aching honesty of it, the self knowledge, the understanding, and you showed too why people tend to hide that, as we see di's reaction (though she tries to hide it) to what nan has to say -sometimes the truth hurts, and not only ourselves. i can't shake the image of those fingernails pressing against her hand. her fancy imaginings though made me smile -she and rilla have a lot in common -like mother like daughter, as gilbert likes to say!
unlike the guest below i loved the idea of jem and nan being close, it was not something i had considered before, but of course, they spend so much time together, that little foursome, it makes sense that those two would be extra fond of each other. i really liked that, liked especially how jem didn't press nan to go with him to see jerry, and that nan didn't want to -very realistic
love the idea of jack too! you are so clever to go beyond the glen to find love interests for those beautiful blythes!
why did jack want to talk to nan especially, and not to di?
would you consider doing an avonlea scene -i would love to revisit it in this era, and find out all about the grown up wrights and and pyes and sloanes, and discover just how much of a dish this jack wright is! :o)
7/21/2014 c4 Guest
This was honestly marvelous! All these emotions in this charged atmosphere could have backfired but you did splendidly, leaving me to read breathlessly and rapidly. Good job!

My only tiny quibble with this chapter is that the siblings seem a leetle bit too separated. Oh dear, how do I describe this. It's a little TOO plain, the pairing off of Jem and Nan, Walter and Do. I feel like they were TOO sibling-d off. I hope that kinda sorta makes sense, because I know exactly what I mean in my head.

The bit with Gilbert was priceless, and the snippet of Susan and Shirley as well. I do love Shirley, and even Susan is loveable here-most of the time she annoys me to no end! But she is a duck!

I especially loved the ending part, comparing Rilla to Di. I otherwise tolerated Rilla, but I hated how she clung to Walter so desperately when Walter and Di's closeness had been so defined for the past two books-and then I guess LMM just forgot about Di in RoI. So just my own petty satisfaction, I suppose, likes that little comparison.

Anyway, thanks for this, I can't wait for the next bit!
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