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4/1/2015 c1 14dark nightmere
I think that Tara should become more evil now that she is a vampire aiming to hunt down her family and make them pay for how they treated her as she and Willow smile as they feast off of the people slowly draining there blood as they become more powerful as Tara trains Willow in magic dark magic to make her stronger and to conquer the world. I think that Faith should come into this soon as the next slayer chosen to defeat the vampires as Sunnydale is flooded by a tide of vampires she should aim to fight them and to save the town from the forces of darkness but that should begin to change when she meets Willow and Tara. I think that Willow should train Tara how to hunt before Faith comes into the picture as Faith is the dark slayer one born of true darkness who has had a terrible life before becoming a slayer which freed her of her former life making her darker as Willow realises she could free this slayer of her dark life. I think that Oz should have survived the battle in the factory having failed to slay Willow having lost much as most of his friends have already died he will seek out Giles so that together they can unite to continue the battle against the forces of darkness. I think that Giles should continue his fight against the dark forces after shattering the necklace he will realise that this reality has not been destroyed meaning it is real so he most destroy Willow as he realises she maybe the key to this dark reality as the master and Buffy are both gone the remaining resistance most continue the fight against the darkness. I think that Willow should smile as she learns from Tara how to cast magic spells and to fight with magic knowing it will help her torture more humans and maybe if she can find anymore souled vampires to torture them unknown to her Giles wants to take her kitty from her and give her a soul. I think that Tara should find her family and torture them using her magic aiming to make them suffer for everything they did to her when she was human as the demon inside her wishes to taste there blood as she first tortures her brother and father and then drains her cousin.
4/8/2014 c1 4Truthmaker
Very nice.
4/5/2014 c1 Deactivated101
Amazing oneshot! :D

I can never get enough of good VampWillow/Tara stories, and this one is definitely up there with ones I've really enjoyed. I think you nailed Vamp!Willow's personality just right, and the same goes for Tara. I really enjoyed this :)

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