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for Yuri The Forgotten Years

8/14/2016 c23 james.douglas.fraser
I love waiting on the next chapter...I hope that it's gonna be good and you keep this going
10/24/2005 c23 70ariescelestial
argh...I just reread this...had a rather fun time quoting to my friend some of the exchanges between DE and Ben...

...please, please update? *pouts*
9/13/2005 c23 7FrequencyQueen
Love the story, but you didn't finish it! Please update?
4/19/2005 c23 wolfbain3
Nice chapter but do you hate yuri or something. He alwase gets the bad parts. Hope you give his fusion back soon and cant wait for next chapter. Hope you update soon!
4/19/2005 c1 wolfbain3
Grate story never considered that yuri could have been the one who killed his mum.
8/2/2004 c22 7kingleby
torture yuri? man hes not having a fun life, lol. yes, must hurt celeste *grabs a large knife*
8/2/2004 c21 kingleby
i like the way ben has come to help out his son, bless him.
8/2/2004 c20 kingleby
0_0 what's up with his eyes? Macbeth is so depressing but does kind of sound like shadow hearts in a twisted way. lol.
8/2/2004 c19 kingleby
*sob* man that was depressing. but i love it, don't ask me why but angst is something i like to read. poor yuri!
8/2/2004 c18 kingleby
dead? *cries* but he was so sweet! poor yuri! everyone keeps dying! at least he died a noble death eh?
8/2/2004 c17 kingleby
creepy 0_0 poor yuri, not having a fun time is he? love it!
8/2/2004 c16 kingleby
DE is so funny ^_^
7/29/2004 c15 kingleby
i like how you made him have to fight for DE, he did it for the others so it makes more sense this way ^_^
7/29/2004 c14 kingleby
alec is cool ^_^ the idea of chimera class fits in well.
7/29/2004 c13 kingleby
a tank? that would be cool ^_^ loved it! DE is so funny!
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