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for Still My Brother

9/28/2014 c1 8EverydayMagic17
Feels...so many warm feels!
8/11/2014 c1 4the actual dork
I came here because of the words "Brothers Ri", expecting something sweet. I was not disappointed in the least. Great job!
4/14/2014 c1 1Julientel
Hey, it's Tenshi-Inverse from deviantArt. I came here searching for new fics about the Ri brothers and it was a real shock when I saw my name here. I'm so glad that my artworks inspired you to write this story, it's so sweet and warm. And I really hope that you will write more about them :)
4/8/2014 c1 crayolacccc
Aw. :) Sweet story, and it makes me smile that at least this time Nori wasn't in a brawl, but he's too proud to tell Dori. Or maybe he just doesn't want Dori going on a killing rampage to protect Ori and their family's honor. :)
4/6/2014 c1 6girlgeekjf
Very sweet story, and I can definitely see their family dynamics working this way.
4/5/2014 c1 5Scarlet Pimpernel00
This is sweet! I love it! Nori does seem like the kind of dwarf to fight over an insult to his younger brother. I feel much the same way about my little sisters. I'll do anything to keep them close to me and unharmed. Thank you for writing this!
4/5/2014 c1 47AnastaziaDanielle
I really enjoyed this little one-shot. Poor Ori was so scared, and I like the depth of love you showed between the brothers. Well done!
4/5/2014 c1 jaymzNonoel
That was a really cute story! I liked it alot, esp. the ending! :)
4/4/2014 c1 9dragon-algeeee
Awww, so cute. That was good. And happy.
4/4/2014 c1 1Wilhelm Wigworthy
Awesome! You really know about emtional development. Here's hoping for more!

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