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7/18/2014 c13 5TheImaginativeOne
OH MY GOD A DANCE! just wait till Erik hears about it. (he probably wont want to go at first, but he'll give in hahaa)
7/18/2014 c13 5grapejuice101
omg that's amazing! love it! update
6/23/2014 c12 RedDeathLvr
Good story! Update soon.
6/17/2014 c12 Elphaba'sGirl
Haha oh poor Erik! I was laughing admittedly, but it's still so sad!

Update soon!
6/16/2014 c12 grapejuice101
Aww I love it! Update asap plz
6/12/2014 c11 Elphaba'sGirl
They should watch Love Never Dies, because Erik hasn't lived that part of his life yet and it'd be hilarious. This is such a great story!
6/4/2014 c10 grapejuice101
aww that was so cute! update asap plz
6/1/2014 c9 grapejuice101
I love it! I want more chaps right now!
5/23/2014 c8 9ILoveErik1870
Wonderful! Can wait for more!
5/23/2014 c8 4Beauties Who Dance
I was literately laughing at the thought of you making out with the Phantom lol. Anyways, I like how you wrote it :)
5/23/2014 c8 5grapejuice101
OMG that was huge! I need more updates now
5/20/2014 c7 ME
We need more soon. I am dying of suspense!
5/20/2014 c7 grapejuice101
more more more! I want more chaps now
5/20/2014 c7 4Beauties Who Dance
5/14/2014 c6 2ThePhantomismyLove
please write more
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