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for Frozen in Myself

7/17/2020 c7 Guest
best story amazing
10/21/2017 c12 Not for long
2 years and no upload :/ it's okay. We grow out of it sometimes.
8/8/2017 c4 Violet Sparrow
Oh my fairy godmother! I found this prompt on Tumblr and I have been searching for HOURS to find this fic again!
8/8/2017 c1 Violet Sparrow
Oh my fairy godmother! This is amazing! I saw this prompt on Tumblr and have searched for HOURS for a fanfic like this! Thank you!
5/28/2015 c6 Guest
Did you just make...Evil Trolls?
5/16/2015 c1 amy
Anna and Elsa went to read together in time for eating time
1/1/2015 c11 Guest
I'm not sure if you've ever seen the TV series Stargate SG-1, but if you have, what Hans is going through sounds a lot like being host to a Goa'uld symbiont. Perhaps something connected to that (if you've seen the show).
6/29/2014 c11 7Kalilinai
I absolutely love this story please continue this story I need to know if hans manages to take back his body. I don't know why but whenever I read a story and it ends in a cliffhanger I get really stressted and agitated so much that I check the story everyday to see if there's a new chapter up so llease put up another chapter because I ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY FANTASTICALLY AMAZINGLY LOVE THIS STORY!

Princess Freeye Fireneze
6/2/2014 c11 104Book girl fan
His reindeer is giving him love advice? That's sad, even more so considering that he is speaking for his reindeer.
5/26/2014 c11 20Alexa Hiwatari
Interesting well then we will se what happens!
5/16/2014 c10 104Book girl fan
That's okay, I can wait until then!
5/16/2014 c10 20Alexa Hiwatari
Hi there! I enjoy your work, and now that I have find it againg I will make sure to put it in my alerts! and those Trolls are a bit evil... but I dont think they want the kingdom I guess trolls are more like keep safe their areas, I suggest you to check a bit more about trolls.
4/29/2014 c9 i love frozen
Pls make another chapter
4/27/2014 c9 104Book girl fan
Really? Trying to take over the kingdom? That seems a bit cliche. I prefer them just trying to get Kristoff married. I suppose if they just want to run the kingdom, without being in charge, or just want a place in the palace, that's slightly more believable.
4/27/2014 c8 Book girl fan
It kind of makes sense, that evil Hans was saving up all his effort for one last chance, one final opportunity for him to destroy Anna's heart once and for all.
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