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for Magically Fluting - A Loving Laugh at a Great Masterpiece

6/18/2019 c21 21professionalprimadonna
Oh my god, this is amazing! XD
12/14/2017 c21 ReaderFromItaly
Hi! I'm a reader from Italy and i love your fanfic so much! I love Die Zauberflöte and all things opera so i like it even more!
I believe you should write other opera fanfics, i'm sure they will be as cool as this!
You might re-write Tosca, just like ''Woohoo'' said, but Scarpia x Tosca sounds... interesting.
Maybe Woohoo saw the Raimondi/Malfitano kiss.
Anyway, i would love to see how you re-write Les contes d'Hoffmann!
I recommend it.
Best Wishes,
A Reader (and Opera lover!) from La Bella Italia.
11/7/2017 c21 Wooh hooh
HOORAY! FINALLY! IT'S FINISHED! anyway, a fanfic about Tosca? I would love this!
11/6/2017 c21 MF fan
*Squeals excitedly* YESSSS! The last two chapters! I've been waiting FOREVER for the ending. Thanks for finishing the story. Sarastro sure had an interesting childhood. Maybe you could write a new story about him and his two brothers and basically him meeting the Queen and get into more detail about his life before the opera. Bravo, bravo, bravo! (Ha ha. Three times, get it?;))
9/12/2017 c1 Guest
No, Sarastro is not Pamina's father, the Queen of the Night said Pamina's father, when He died, gave the Sonnenkreis to Sarastro.
And that's why Astrifiammante ( Yes, she does have a canon name) wants to kill Sarastro, b'cause se wants the Sonnenkreis all for herself.
But in Ingmar Bergman's movie Sarastro is Pamina's father.
Fan of Wolfie-
6/21/2017 c19 MF fan
This is a REALLY funny story! Some parts made me laugh to pieces! Keep writing, and PLEASE finish it!
6/17/2017 c7 Guest
Empress Pammenes
Who is she : The future Empress of the Sun Circle, Pammenes is in danger to be overthrown by her mother whim she once loved
Appearance : Pammenes took in the form of an unbelievably beautiful young girl no older than sixteen, with sunny gold locks bouncing off in the sunlight, dark browm eyes as bright as the night stars, her dark red lips round and skin as pale and perfect ad the moonlight. Pammenes dresses in robes of all colors, reflecting her position as the Goddess of the Hours, accompnied with the most authentic accessories without any hint of makeup. Pammenes is seen with 4 or 5 different robes in one day depending on the hour of yhe day
Pammenes is gentle, sweet, benevolent and unbelievably youthful monarch. Despite her tender age, she is wise beyond the centuries, rules her subjects with peace and justice, and like any other Shakespearan lady, has iconic conflicts featured in her star crossed romance with the Tamios. She is categorizrd in the stronger Shstrongeran lady group, as she never gives in or acted out of impulse and still is an extremely family and duty oriented young woman with a fite like passion. Her main conflict lies in her free spirit and her respected high position and her broken family ties. She adores her father and due to his old age, dedicated to take care of him in his final days. But with her evil mother at bay, it is not easy.
Pammenes remains calm and collected, reflected the juxapositing natures of night and day : passionate and free spirited; yet resourceful. She repreaented the logiv and her lovers passion, impulsivity and human desires, and without her, Tamios maturity is never explored. Like many girls of her age, Pammenes has a desire to see the world outside her magical realm. Yet she is wise enough to put aside her desire to save her realm .
9/22/2016 c19 Guest
Now that Nutcracker gets a live action film based on the original Tale, if only Magic Flute gets the same priveldge...
It would be like this
A hybrid of Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland story, set in Ancient Egypt
Aaron Taylor Johnson as Prince Tamios of Cyprus, Eva Green as Queen Astrofiammante.
The plot is like a hybrid of revolutionary and a love story
Bascially, Tamino gets whsiked in the Sevenfold Circlenof Susn by his fsther to complete hisnlast quesr of becoing a real man. He gets wound up in one of the most crucial in the the Sevemfold circle and learns tjat there's more to a true hero than slaying serpenrs and beating every man in battle.
The plot is more complicated than the original. The 'tests'are replaced with the fare, an overprotective dad and an evil half mother.
7/24/2016 c9 8Aylatha
Oh dear, the part witht the Harry-Lime-theme killed me
7/24/2016 c7 Aylatha
Wait, what? This is actually a thing? I never knew Sarastro was supposed to be Pamina's father - they always talked about this king-guy who owned the Sonnenkreis before Sarastro, whom Pamina refers to as her father... Sarastro being her father makes absolutely no sense.
7/24/2016 c4 Aylatha
I think I've read somewhere that Mozart and Schikaneder actually considered pairing Pamina and Papageno - they do have the only love-duet in the entire opera. But, the soprano has to end up with the tenore usually (though Papagena is a soprano too, now that I think about it).
7/24/2016 c3 Aylatha
I really love this so far Die Zauberflöte was the first opera I ever saw, and I was only 4 at the time. I'd already listend to recordings multiple times before, and I almost know the entire opera by heart.

There's just one thing I must protest against as an Austrian - ö doesn't sound remotely like i or ee; the sound is created by combining o and e (just like ä is a e and ü is u e). Ü is actually the one that most closely resembles the German sound i (ee), and it is often used to rhyme with it in poetry (though it's not the same sound).

Also, I like to make up stories in my head about Pamina and a (younger) Sarastro becoming a couple, because who needs Tamino.
7/5/2016 c7 Guest
Pamina in the movies
Pamina's backstory was enlisted in the moive-and ery clearly. Being the daughteriof the Sun and Night, she is torn between her inheritance since both parents had born and bred her to become the qQeen of the Circle of the Sun-in different lands. However, at th age of 5, her parents diovocred and Pamina grew up in the Land of Night for sometime. But sarastro suddenylly win Pamin back through a Royal Custoay battle-to the point where the exes waged war at each other-and Sarastro had been an overprotective fatherof Pamin ever sionce. depressed and devastated, Astrofimammante, the Queen of the Night psent years and years plotting to get her duaghgter back-and the ascension to the throne of the Circle of the Sun
Pamin in the movie has long hair-the colour of warm sunshine, green eyes ,porcelain skinand kissable red lips
In fact, her red hair and green eyes is said to be inherited from her father, and her facial feutres and pale skin from her mother
Pamin, being a hybrid, is double power with both sun and night powers. she htouht her night powers as a mencace in secret but tamino encouragres her to use both powers for good.
Pamina, being taught ot reject anyone without powers, did not rehect tamino in any way just because he's human and sassed at her servants fior disrcimmnating Tamino at the back
Pamina in the vmoei is more of a rebel princess than a damsel in distress
Pamina's name came fromhte word' pammenis' in greek,'meaning'night of the ful moon'
. It said her mother gave birth to her on the full moon night and named her after the full moon. But sometimes Pamina wanted to changed her name to something like Solana. her father rejected the idea nonetheless, and still calls her 'my precious little princess.'
Pamin is a perpetual daddy's girl. Hoevwever,t heior iodeas of gender euqlity and responsiblites is what makes theior relaitionship somewhat strained. Nevertheless, sarastro loveshis daughter to the breaking point and spoils her with love an d dkisses.
Pamina had a secondly mother figure-her nurse. Pspagen awas her chief handmaiden and best friend-and a huge talking pink bird
Pamina, having spent a sheltered ife before memtting tamino, wanted to see the outside world and get away from Monostatos-her supposed caretaker's-clutches. shew as grante the wishe through tamino's enter inthis magical land and Sarastro's discovery of monosato's abusmenet
Sarastro can be depicted as a tyrannical and overprotective father, However, he does have asoft spot for his loved ones-particaulrly his daughter.
At the end of he magic flute trilogy, Pamina ascendes tot he throne of the Circle of the Sun after her father's death, to which she grieved fro 77 days.
Pamina is inspired by Crystalia Amaquelin, Audrey Hepburn, Princess Jasmine and the original Pamina from the opera
The three ladies of the Queen of the Night are Selene(moon), Nerezza(darkness) and Etoile(stars). The Three wise boys are Pyro(fire),Auron(light) and Chronos(time).
She's also the source of information about the Land for Tamino and some other human characters. she is als the most outgioign and social Circling(an inhabitant of the Circle of the Sun)
7/5/2016 c17 Guest
Magic Flute movie ideas
Directed by Tim Burton, the movie is a sci-fi fantasy movie inspired by Alice in wonderland and Oz:The Great and Powerful
Badsiclaly, a Cyprus prince is transported by the Magic transpiorter by his father to go through a test of slaying a snake in the Land of the Circle of the sun
The prince tries to fight the HUGE serpent inteair, and unexpectedly falls into the battle of the century in the strange and beautiful realm
The realm composed of six lands: Sun, Night, Ice, earth(trolls), water(merfolks) and air(fairies)
Each siz relam has their own superpower, leacving the Prince having nothing special
Pamina is inspired by Crystal amaquelin, Princess jasmine, Audrey heoburn and princess Pamina
Tamino inspoired by Prince tamino, Pietro Maximoff, Sonci the Hedgehog and Aladdin
The queen fo thenight by Athe queenfot he Nightm, Velma Kelly, the Enchantress and Medusalith amaquelin
Sarastro is inspired by Tony stark, Elvis Pesley, sarastro and Hercules.
It's like the Mesopotamina version bhybrid of Alic in Wonderland and Oz:The great and powerful
Pamin siis the ingénue of thise story, being torn apart by her divorced parents and is born and bred to be qwueen of the Circle of Life. Her determination and will choose her the right thone to ascend the throne of the Sun at the end of the trilogy
The Su is a warrior race of solarkinetics and energy blasts,w ith heat viison too
The Waters are a super intelligent race of hydrokinetic, telepathic merpeopol
The Airs are the invisble, superspeed fairies wit sprery enchantments
The Earths are superstenrreght trolls with kinetic shockwaves.
The Nights are the usper scary sorer race of psychokinetics, psionic powers and sorcery.
Papageno and Papagena are nw big, talking birds. The main characters ride on either huge birds or dragons
7/2/2016 c18 Guest
Aaaah I have waited a long time for his beautiful chapter ! (May I even say righteous chapter, or does it sound weird ?) Nice job as always.
This style is just incredible. I love it. Good luck for the further chapters !
And once again..
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