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9/9/2021 c34 War
It was an honor reading this.
3/7/2020 c32 Gosh you Idiots
Noice Danganoropa reference
3/27/2019 c1 King of fans
Don't be ridiculous Chris's normal antics are far too dangerous for any hunger games
3/11/2019 c34 OptimisticWatermelon98
what. the. FUCK did I just read!? :/ :/
3/11/2019 c28 OptimisticWatermelon98
i hate that you made Noah die!
2/26/2017 c7 1666-addicted-666
I like the little reference to TDA Trent's 9 obsession you put in here. Him telling himself "I'm fine" nine times? Nice.
1/29/2017 c34 jushgst
this fic was so sad :( i think its better than the actual hunger games tho bc it didnt have a dumb love triangle or boring bits, and i cared about the characters way more
5/16/2016 c34 184Major144
This was a fantastic story! I enjoy both Total Drama and The Hunger Games so reading this story was a real treat that I enjoyed. The differnt viewpoints and perspective of the characters was really interesting and about everyone was in character.

One of things I enjoyed most was the interaction between Team E-Scope. They showed a great amount of humanity and it shows that they not only do they respect one another for their skills, they respect one another as people. It just goes to show you that friendships can be born on battlefields.

I also greatly enjoyed that one famous line about not saying goodbye from Red Vs Blue. It was a very fitting line for the story.

Alejandro's destruction was really poetic. His not dead, but his body and spirit are utterly destroyed and his forced to go on living a life of shame and self contempt.

Overall I say this story is a ten out of ten in my book.

Great job.
11/29/2015 c34 25Quiet Waters
Here we are, the end of a story, and possibly the beginning of a new one (I know I said this last chapter as well but I needed a good line to start my final review with)!

Let's start out with a few little nitpick, namely your admitted bias. It was indeed obvious at times, especially when dealing with Sadie to name an example.

But I would be lying if I said that the multiple plots this story had didn't work out! I didn't find everyone to be as equally interesting though, but that way there was something for everyone to enjoy and it did prevent that plots would run weary. And in case of the capitol plot, it provided us with what happened outside the arena as well!

You've also made sure that this story was filled with all kinds of emotion and happenings! From the agony of being reaped to the madness of murdering your first tribute, you provided it all! And that's what made this story so powerful, the raw emotions, the occasional laugh and the deep, troubled viewpoints of the tributes as they make choices that can easily end up their doom!

Someone told me recently that this was a TD-FF fandom classic, and now I'm convinced of it! Really, you did a splendid job with this story!

11/29/2015 c33 Quiet Waters
I'm beginning to see similarities between Alejandro and Trent, such as the 'Freedom' they claim to have gotten, the urges to kill and the schizophrenic episodes, and that's really unsettling!

And almost, he was going to take the fall for it, but unfortunately for Alejandro, Chef took the fall for him instead. Maybe that Al can squeeze some satisfaction from the job he inherited from Chef, and that almost looks like a setup for a sequel! Am I correct or not? We'll see eventually!

Alright then, let's see what the epilogue's all about!

11/29/2015 c32 Quiet Waters
I feel conflicted reading this, for the very biggest part because of Alejandro. You see, in the previous few chapters, he was a animalistic beast that wouldn't stop at nothing to kill and torture, but now it's almost as if I feel sorry for him. Not because he got what he probably deserved, but because he has gone back to being (Somewhat of) a human being and is able to think rationally again (Mostly) but has to live with the eternal disapproval of the viewing world, like what happened at the interview, on top of it all.

And then there's Jose, he has finally been given the acknowledgement he craved so badly from him, but it feels so hollow to Alejandro. That helped making this chapter a true tragic piece of work that I truly appreciate! Bravo!

P.S. For a moment, I thought Alejandro was going to kill himself instead of Chris... I wonder what his death will set in motion.

P.P.S. Celebrate! You've just earned your 501th From Drama To Death review!

11/28/2015 c31 Quiet Waters
What a climax! Alejandro is the 'winner' of the 23rd Hunger Games, but there are no winners in the Hunger Games, only Survivors. Eva knew this, and choose the better way out to let Alejandro live with his sins and his grave, grave wounds.

The chapter itself was action-packed with both mental and physical combat that didn't interrupt the overall pace at all! Eva's epiphany was also beautiful!

So it's over, almost everything's over. There's only this rebellion that needs taking care of!

11/28/2015 c30 Quiet Waters
So, the final day has come, the showdown between Alejandro and Eva and Izzy. The smiler who doesn't care, and the frowner who started to care as the games progressed. Truly a battle between good and evil in games where that usually doesn't matter to its contestants, but more so for the viewing world!

I understand if it must've been hard to wait for the next chapter when you originally uploaded this one, because I am on the edge of my seat! Eva is now on her own and she should have this one in the pocket, but somewhere I have a feeling she won't stay this collected.

11/28/2015 c29 Quiet Waters
Chris is being played with. What an ironic twist for the gamemaker. How long will he hold out in the Hunger Games that are Capitol politics? Seeing that the story is almost finished, I'd say not very long.

I already wondered when someone would die by falling into the abyss since it was first hinted. Turns out, Cody did, by taking the honorable way out. I wonder what these ramifications you mentioned turn out to be.

So, the grand battle's up tomorrow (Story wise) and there's absolutely no telling who will win! This is so exciting I could hurry over to the next chapter and read it! Which I will do right now!

11/28/2015 c28 Quiet Waters
I just wondered: Why would Scarlett even bother to keep up a log if she strives (And largely succeeds) at covering her tracks? Even if it's encrypted...

Oh my lord, that's... that's... (Spoiler censor)! That was the biggest surprise in this story by far! Bravo, that was without a doubt a brilliant plot twist!

On to the other great thing this chapter, Noah's death... and that needs some explaining for it to make sense!

You're not a coward Noah, what you did is probably the bravest act anyone can undertake.

At first, I thought that Noah was just going to let Alejandro reveal his tactics, such as the knife in his boot, but then that psychological bombardment came and it was so powerful to read, as it wasn't just to throw Alejandro off his game, but also presented him with a highly likely future (And I can tell because I've read all the books)! Now, Al will probably either snap or brush it aside and win, only to risk being forced into the lifestyle Noah predicted!

One way to find out, on to the next chapter! But not before I tell you that this was a very powerful chapter for the reasons stated above.

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