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9/2 c18 bunhead.teamlogan
Love it!
8/10 c18 moonlightlover60
I have finally come to the last chapter written so far and you left us with quite a cliffhanger. I wonder why Mick couldn't smell that it was Faraday who took Beth. I'm wondering if they will think it was Coraline who did this, maybe that's why the plane is being delayed from taking off. I hope, like I said before all is well with you penni and that you will someday be able to continue on with this story. I will be patiently waiting to hear from you whenever you will have another chapter to share with us. Thanks for sharing your wonderful storytelling with us.
8/9 c16 moonlightlover60
Wow what an awesome chapter, you are really getting into Mick's psyche when it comes to Coraline. I am feeling sorry for Mick in a way but he is the only one who can break this hold or control that she has on him. I have been pretty ticked off at Josef because he started this whole thing by bringing her back to LA in the first place and then helping her with this "gallery showing". Why is he helping her? She's nothing but nasty, evil, vile trouble. At least he told her to pack her bags and get out of town and Mick & Beth's life, but I know she isn't going to go that easily. Another thing that bugs me is why are they not telling everyone and (especially Coraline) that they are now married. I don't see what Beth is gaining by keeping this secret for so long now. I wanted Beth to tell Coraline when she was confronting her in the ladies room just to stick it to Coraline. As you can see this story can get me all riled up here, LoL. That shows what a awesome writer you are by how you can immerse us readers into your story. I see I only have 2 chapters left to read, so I'm hoping "fingers crossed" that you will come back and continue on with this story at some point. Thanks again Penni for your wonderful story.
7/31 c4 moonlightlover60
I said I would try and pace myself with this story because there are only 18 chapters but here I am glued to the pages reading one after another. I don't think I got past the first two chapters several years back when I had to quit reading because of RL taking all of my time up, so this is all new to me from here on in. I hope Mick will wake up soon. I don't know whats happened to him for him not to be coming out of it. I'm guessing Josef is flying Coraline in, Ugh! why would he do that knowing now that Beth is Mick's wife. She is only going to cause trouble for our Mick and Beth. I don't think she can do anything to help him unless she's going to bring the cure and turn Mick human again in hopes to wake him up. I rather Mick not be human, he needs to be a vamp to protect that crazy Beth. She is so hardheaded when it comes to her protection. She doesn't even know what happened to Mick but she's willing to go out the door without protection for herself. Beth, Beth, Beth, your gonna get yourself in a fix again if you don't start listening to Josef. Penni I love your stories and I sure hope you will come back to finish this one when you can. Hope all is good. Thanks.
7/29 c9 sincepotter
hello! Im reading again, and i cant believe the last update was on my birthday! I love this fic! thank you for writing
12/5/2019 c18 amethyst83
Thank you for continuing to update this story as I love it. I hope Mick can come to the rescue soon :)
12/2/2019 c17 sincepotter
im starting to like coraline i dont know
11/30/2019 c8 sincepotter
they're so perfect and cute together. Lovely fic!
11/27/2019 c18 Karen
Thanks so much for continuing this story. I have been preoccupied with my favorite devil for a while now. Never thought I would love another show or fictional tv couple as much as MickBeth, but here we go again! Still check for your Moonlight story. Will always love Moonlight. Thanks again.
11/19/2019 c18 46moonjat54
Well seeing this new chapter was a pleasant surprise. Looks like Beth is going to need some help getting out of this mess. Faraday is playing with fire and Mick is unlikely to be forgiving. Glad that Coraline is gone for the time being.

Sorry that you are having a tough time in real life. I does interfere with writing. Of course it can be an escape at times. Take care.
11/19/2019 c18 Leann Nickerson
This was great! Hoping Beth and Issy will be okay! Mick and Josef are going to get their revenge! Can't wait to see what you come up with next! Thanks so much for your time and effort in writing this!
11/18/2019 c18 2Avy73
I am so sorry about the loss of your mother. Losing a parent is so hard. Regarding your health problems, I hope you can recover quickly.

As for this chapter, SO GOOD! I can’t wait to see how Mick finds her and how he is going to tear apart Farraday!
11/17/2019 c18 raymoon
Penni, what a super surprise to find u've updated...sure have missed u and so sorry about ur family heath problems. Wow, Damon Farraday is nuts to kidnap Beth but sure makes for an exciting element of danger to ur story...so glad to find out the poor girl Izzy is still alive and no doubt Beth will do all she can to protect her...and having Izzy to worry about will help Beth to stay on her toes to keep both of them as safe as possible.
So glad Joseph is there with Mick too. Can't wait for more, Penni!
9/4/2019 c17 25Jasmine-N-Leaves
Please update. I have fallen in love with this story, just as I did your last one.
Well Done!
3/7/2019 c17 2Avy73
Oh my goodness, I love this story! I need you to continue writing because I need more! Please!
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