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10/11/2020 c18 Guest
please please please update this story is so amazing i need more
5/18/2020 c17 Tylercc1
I love this story please update it
4/30/2020 c18 snowdrift
9/20/2019 c18 Samps3975
Ive really enjoyed this story so far, unique and fun to read! Honestly starting to want belle to stick with elsa!
8/27/2019 c18 3AWickedIceQueen
love your story bud. hoping you choose to continue it but that is entirely up to you. I dealt with a lot of shit from people after choosing to stop a couple previous stories in that I just lost interest in writing. but it happens. i've been working slowly on a new story as well. college takes up a great deal of my time and we all have IRL stuff to take care of first before writing about fictional characters lol.

best wishes,

8/22/2019 c18 36NamelessSaint
Stop making this Belsa.
8/22/2019 c18 Guest
Glad you’re still here! Do what you gotta do, keep at it!
8/22/2019 c17 2Mordred- Knight of Treachery
Is this ever gonna be updated? It's written so well, and i'm seriously enjoying it, I can't wait for more!
2/18/2018 c17 36NamelessSaint
Belle needs to go away...
9/23/2017 c17 1lgbtdestiny
yooo...please update when possible. I totally understand not being to update regularly. Hell, I've even taken a hiatus from my stories as well...real life hits us. But, you're a great writer. Honestly, I'm more in this for the Belle/Else relationship...might even start up a new fic on my other account. Anyways...keep up the good work dude.
7/25/2017 c17 midnightscar17
Will anna and elsa finally get together
4/11/2017 c17 MilandaAnza
I'm liking this and honestly a part of me hopes this turns into a Triad. That said no I don't think Elsa/Belle is wrong at all. Anna turned Elsa down and isn't ready for a relationship, more then that Belle from what I got knows everything about Elsas past with Anna including unresolved feelings. They're walking into this open eyed to see where it goes.

Honestly if and when Elsa/Belle ends I hope it's amicable and warm, also that Belle helps mentor Anna. She seems like a good submissive friend or 'sister' would be good for her. And I admit I still see the triad idea working out while they help Anna find peace. She seriously needs a lot of support and love and I think not having the burden of a serious relationship would be a good thing.
1/31/2017 c17 5Origin of Pink
Oh goodness the shear amount of emotion and cuteness between these two is godly. You've turned me into a mushy teenage fangirl i hope your proud.
1/9/2017 c17 Guest
Go Elsa! Pls make this belsanna! It wouldn't be fair to kick belle now..I'm sure Elsa can take care of both of them heehee
1/9/2017 c17 Guest
Gawd that belsa moment filled me with so much warmth. I hope the best for them
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