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6/7/2016 c1 UltimateWeirdo0
Tear... Just tears... Oh god I need waterproof mascara because that was so beautiful oh my god
3/31/2016 c1 1ZoeNarutoFairy
This was sooooooooooooooooooooo sad...it touched my heart and it pulled a few strings...please write another one
8/22/2015 c1 itchy uchiha
7/5/2014 c1 Rose
This story was sad but sweet and beautiful at the same time.
I love RoLu pairings! This story confused me and I was like, "Huh? What's going on in the story? I'm so confused" but I managed to get a hang of it.
Thank you for this amazing one-shot
7/2/2014 c1 20XxCherryXJellyxX
That was really beautiful! I loved it, though I actually would have liked to see the reactions of Lucy's friends. Also just to make clear, did being around Rougue accelerate her dying? But anyway I really liked it!
6/5/2014 c1 rolu forever
so sad yet so awesome TT w TT
5/15/2014 c1 1Paname
So sad, yet so sweet. I love how Rogue knew and still cared for her.
5/14/2014 c1 5LeeCyn
WAH! TT RoLu, another pairing you can put Drama or Comedy in besides GrayLu... So beautiful... Favorite...
5/6/2014 c1 Skydiverz
love your story! It was so sad, but it was awesome. :D
4/19/2014 c1 Slenderkatt
That was so sad but so cute! I cried a little at the end, but it was worth it.
4/14/2014 c1 AnimeLuver778
I loved it! This story was so sad and cute!
4/12/2014 c1 5Matchmakingdove1028
Aww! so sweet! :)
4/8/2014 c1 34lucyglitter11
Oh my god this was such a beautiful story I cant stop thinking about this I simply love it!And you dedicated one more RoLu fic for me you are just awesome bff! *heart* I feel like a complete jerk cause all I do is write sloppy stories and review late *sniff* that's going off topic and back to the topic is THIS STORY IS WONDERFUL.

The starting was so mysterious omg nonetheless I was feeling bad for Lucy...NATSU NOOOO WHY YOU DO THIS! MEANIE! Whatever he did but its making Lucy cry so Natsu bad. :-P
Wow the forest place of Magnolia does seem so cool! Ah the beauty of nature! I love your descriptions they are always so neat and well explained! It adds so much to Rogue when you describe him! Oh and his eyes they're so...okay I'm going off track X-PAw I trust Rogue so Lucy should anyway :-P

Okay I found it really weird he told her to stay but it's okay he seems trust-able cause uh...he came from the woods and...he's good looking? I wont make a good lawyer anyways :-P Wow he's so mysterious here (he always is) but here its in descriptions so I can feel the mystery...somehow.
Hahahaha omg psycho rapist on the loose X-DDD Wow Rogue always gives out a strange aura ;-P Shit that was really creepy that he knew her name even when she didn't know him O.o Lol maybe he can be telling the truth but I'm really bad at remembering names soo :-P One does not simply remember random pretty girl's names...probably its love right? X-D
Woah scary how did he not make any sound...suspicious...I thought...HE FLIES!?:-PPP Lol he's so creepy but he's still my favorite X-D

Omg Natsu is so mean! Stop being so mean Natsu its spoiling your awesome image in my mind :-P This line is just so marvelous- "He was like a blessing, one I didn't want to keep knowing more and yet craved to understand" i love ittt! *.*
Lol I bet Rogue looks good in anything he wears X-D he can be a stalker too if he wants :-P Gosh he's so sweet to correct her that she sings beautifully *heart* He keeps getting better in every story and chapter you write *sighs dreamily*

Shit it was even scaring me about he knows mostly everything...he is a stalker after all why doesn't he admit it :-P HAHAHAHAA HE ADMITTED! Don't tell me he even worships her secretly :-P Aww he laughed too X-DD You are awesome to make him laugh though I can't really imagine sounds :-S
Yay Lucy sang for him awww so sweet! COMMUNICATION THROUGH EYES THAT'S SO ADORABLE AND SHE CAN READ SWEETTTT! I don't know if you understood that...Oho Lucy's writing a character similar to Rogue that's just so cute now :3 and she's getting a bit possessive too X-D

I just find it so sweet that all he is all ears about her I love the idea so much! Though its kind of sad that he wont talk much about himself it's beautiful! Okay maybe he wasn't actually paying much attention to what she was saying but it's just so cute :-)
Oh he's such a gentleman though its weird to ask like that he's still so sweet X-D EEP she touched his hand i wanted to scream yayayayay okay maybe I'm overreacting :-P

T_T Lucy why is she sick nooo! Gosh Rogue confused me too I was sitting and wondering what on earth is he saying O_o Shit when he said she was dying it was so scary and when I realized he was a ghost it scared me even more (don't mind me I get scared a bit easily) the whole part omg I was so stunned it was giving me goosebumps oh i cant imagine either of them dying...YAY I KNEW SHE WOULD LOVE HIM EVENTUALLY AND SHE KISSED HIM TO LIKE HAAWWW...wait why did he disappear! WHY DID HE UGH maybe he just felt embarrassed :-P

Omg the part when Lucy actually goes to the forest to see him even in her weak condition, I was feeling so sad it was breaking my heart but all of it was written so perfectly I totally loved it! The last parts were the best cause even if they were dead, they were alive together in each other's presence which was like the sweetest thing everrr! At the end even I couldn't contain my smile and even if it were sad it left a fuzzy feeling you totally nailed it! Ahh I already read this thrice and you are amazing for writing RoLu fics! :-D
4/7/2014 c1 luceheart
Its beautiful. I'm crying.
4/6/2014 c1 6zin-chan-luvs-u
:) It's really nice, I didn't really expect anything and that usually is what makes some fanfics boring(no offense, though)... Even mine... They're really predictable. Oh, and the ending... Love it hun... Not too sad, not too happy. But they were together, forever. Sounds cheesy when I say it. :)
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