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10/13/2021 c3 phoenixluv13
I ended up realising how Brett Sampson was from 13 musical
12/28/2020 c8 Lara Presland
Love it
9/26/2015 c8 ha
Please uppppdddddaaaaattttttttttteeeeeeee!
7/14/2014 c8 Love jogia
Please update thx
5/13/2014 c8 Guest
saw so cute
Pls u'd page soon and hv a good day
5/13/2014 c8 4223marilyn
Eeeeeeeeep so cute XD I love bade lol good job in writing the story cant wait to see beck and brett get jealous !
5/13/2014 c8 dreadpuppy
Okay.. wow! The ending made me squeal... all the Bade feels ;D
Poor Beck&Jade got interrupted.. again hahaha.
I loved all the drama with Brett, it was just amazing how they ALL laughed at his pathetic attempts to get with Jade :)
I also love to see Jade's bitchy side again, yay!

Lovies to you too.
Lots of love and cupcakes,
5/10/2014 c7 Guest
EXCELLENT STORY! cant wait for another chapter :) this just made my day and well week lol love this story
5/10/2014 c7 Gussy
Love it
Pls update soon
5/10/2014 c7 Guest
Cabbie, Tandre and Mane.
5/12/2014 c7 17xxMiss Lizxx
Great story! I love how there is a mix of Bade fluff and Cade friendship in this story :) I really want to see Mane, Bade, Cabbie and Tandre in this story. That would just be perf! But I also want to see from each couple some jealousy, drama and romance between them too! Keep on updating please!
5/12/2014 c7 2Winxtorious
Haha, omg I love how her brother barged into her room like that. It must have been sooo embarrassing! As for all the Badeness this story contains I just love it so much! But Jade's personality is just too nice! Maybe you could have her as sweet girl who has a bad side just waiting to come out on those who piss her off? Anyway, update as soon as you can! Fantastic story :D
5/10/2014 c7 dreadpuppy
Ohmigosh, Mandy as in me?! Yay! :) I actually look like that hehehe ;)
This is amazing, I feel famous!
Also; I would LOVE to see Mandre and/or Cabbie happen. I can't wait for the awkwardness between Jade and Brett.. update!

Cupcakes for you too girlie! -
Bade kisses,
your new fanfiction sister.
5/10/2014 c6 dreadpuppy
Oh my gosh, Shane getting all protective of Jade was adorable, you did so well portraying the awkwardness between him and Beck&Jade.

Updates are like unicorns, they spread joy and cupcakes.
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