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5/10/2014 c6 dreadpuppy
Oh my gosh, Shane getting all protective of Jade was adorable, you did so well portraying the awkwardness between him and Beck&Jade.

Updates are like unicorns, they spread joy and cupcakes.
5/10/2014 c5 dreadpuppy
Aww, I want a best friend like that! They are the cutest match made in bestie heaven.. ever. I am loooving this story.

Bade love and other happy stuff,
5/10/2014 c4 dreadpuppy
It's adorable how you compared her to snow white, because she looks so much like her! And omigosh, Beck gets to watch his girlfriend walk around in something you could only describe as slutty, he must be a happy man ;)

love and cupcakes,
5/10/2014 c3 dreadpuppy
Aww, they made it official! The feels are KILLING ME. :)
It's so cute how they basically fell in love when they first met..

Bade kisses,
5/9/2014 c2 dreadpuppy
Awww, I died from the feels at the "I dare you to kiss me again" part.
this was soooo sweet :)

Lots of Bade kisses and cupcakes,
5/9/2014 c1 dreadpuppy
They're just perfect for eachother, it shows allready :)
This was absolutely adorable, I'm dieing to read about the sleepover.

4/17/2014 c5 Guest
Aw tht Cade bit was so cute
This is rlly good
Pls update soon and hv a good say
4/15/2014 c5 6JadeWest1234
I love this update quock plz
4/15/2014 c5 2Winxtorious
Ahh I just love the Bade and Cade friendship in this! :D Really! You need to update this story soon. Thanks xx
4/15/2014 c5 8BadeLuvScissorLuv
Oh em gee I loooovvvveeeeeee this chapter! Cade is adorable
4/12/2014 c4 Guest
I love Jade and I love how you compared her to Snow White because she really does look like her. And I love the Bade and thank you for the Tandre! :D I hope there will be Cabbie soon too.
4/11/2014 c3 well
so much "i love you babe" for beck&jade...
4/11/2014 c3 Guest
Cool pls update soon
4/12/2014 c4 BadeLuvScissorLuv
OMG OMG pleeeease update soon!
4/11/2014 c3 BadeLuvScissorLuv
OMG yay! You mentioned Brett! I'm a total Lucy/Brett shipper! Are you? Great chapter btw
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