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3/10 c4 FriendlyFire59
To bad canon has Dumbledore already dead at this point, Hermione would have really torn into him.
1/2 c4 K
Great story. An absolute tragedy that you have had to put it in hiatus. A pleasure t o read so far. Please rethink and try to continue and eventually finish it.
11/22/2020 c4 forestreject
10/20/2020 c4 cos2bh
Fantastic Fic, will you be completing it?
9/30/2020 c4 K
Great story up to now, and I, and I suspect, many others, are sad to see that you have abandoned it. Hoping very much that someone good takes it up, as it is far too good to lie abandoned indefinitely.
7/16/2020 c4 hunzbookwyrm
Cute story.
6/20/2020 c4 ladyzoroark
I would love to read more, this is excellent!
1/23/2020 c4 2devil556
Please update the story soon as possible?
1/12/2020 c4 1RexCaldoran
don't know if ur muse ever snog u some ideas for this in u but I'm hopeful :D so just in case I bookmark it .
12/19/2019 c4 3Kira Potter Jackson
A refreshing story.
It seems horrible what Molly and Dumbledore did.
I hope you continue your story soon.
7/18/2019 c4 Bronze
Good God! I hope the twins and, Bill along with Charlie had no part in this! I expected Fumblemort! As I pointed out in the last review the meeting with the Weasley family at Kings Cross Station had to've been a setup! And Fumblemort is the only one who could've arranged it! I mean, every other muggle-born or raised got a visit by one of the professors but not Harry! No, Harry got the groundskeeper! Who ensure Harry never met his family's account manager and got the least expensive school supplies in the alley. Then sent him back to his relatives alone on the train. So, if Fumblemort had a brother in this story, he should also be checked out to see A, what part, if any, he played in this and B, what his brother left him. If Fumblemort left his brother a fortune, a part of it should be paid to Harry as compensation for what Fumblemort did to Harry. Now if Fumblemort didn't have a brother, what happened to everything Fumbles owned when he died? If he did have a brother and the brother was involved then take everything he owns as well as whatever his brother left him. I'd also suggest digging into the Orders backgrounds. What with all the beatings Vernon inflicted on Harry and the starvation, someone had to've noticed something once they supposedly began guarding Harry during the summer months. Also check to see if, as in canon, Molly had the key to Harrys' trust vault. In many other fics, she helped herself to as much as she desired whenever she desired. She may've had a hidden vault. I'd also suggest digging into the professors at Hogwarts as well. That place was just a Death Trap for Harry and Hermione during the school year. Every year H/Hr had a close escape from Voldemort around the end of the year. As I also stated in my last review something about Poppys' care of Harry everytime he was in the Hospital Wing was wrong. As I pointed out, how did she miss all the signs of past abuse in his first year and every year thereafter? So I think the corruption goes a lot deeper than just Molly, Ginny and, MoooRon and, Fumblemort. As a side issue, Fumblemort himself should be investigated. How many other orphans was the magical guardian for and what happened to both them and their monies? Think about Algebra and sets in math. If one then two. If two then three. In the case of Fumblemort, if he's done all this to Harry, how many others has he done it to before? It wouldn't surprise if you could easily show that he, in fact, swindled Grindelwald and that why they had a falling out. You just simply can't trust the man dead or alive!
7/18/2019 c3 Bronze
Oh, I do so love this story so far! Magical England is digging itself an extremely deep grave with the rest of the magical as usual. And the rest of the magical world is doing everything it can to help out the Potters. If this keeps up they'll have a very happy life together. But sooner or later the English magicals will catch up with them to cause any trouble they can. Wouldn't put it past them to kidnap Hermione, even if she's about to deliver quads at the time! Anything to force Harry back under their control along with his money.
7/18/2019 c2 Bronze
Now that's no surprise! MoooRon giving Hermione a necklace that'd control her isn't surprising at all. Nor is Ginny Potioning Harry really. Molly raised them both to be greedy and feel entitled to anything they want. Somehow she failed with Bill, Charlie, and George and, most likely Fred too. I don't like that Fred died in this as well as canon but it's your story. I'm not surprised at Mollys' greed. In canon, she barely knew Harry and yet she seemed to think of him as one of her own. The meeting in the train station had to be a setup. Molly attended Hogwart for seven years. Her eldest son Bill also attended for seven years. Followed by Charlie for seven years. That right there is 21 years without counting school holidays. They were followed by Percy and the twins. Percy was in his seventh year and the twins their third. So just how the hell could Molly Weasley NOT remember the platform number?! And MoooRon telling Harry the rest of the train was full up so he had to sit with him. A magical train with nowhere else for MoooRon to sit?! I seriously doubt it! It was very likely an arranged setup by Fumblemort to keep Harry from making friends with some other family that might've told him about his familys' history and importance to the magical world. That other family might also've told him just how rich he truly was. Another bit of important information that Fumblemort never told Harry about.
7/18/2019 c1 Bronze
Damn good idea getting out of England like that! Only thing is, they should've done it years ago! Should've made Fumblemolrt clean up his own mess! After all, he did create Voldemort. Or at least turned a blind eye to all his doings while in school. Fumblemort had every Houself in the school to spy for him. Every portrait in the school to spy for him as well as every ghost. So how he failed to not notice what Riddle was up to is way beyond me! Then when he took control of Harry Potter it was like he was trying to recreate another Dark Lord! He certainly tried hard enough! Fortunately, he failed. But Harry and Hermione really should've fled the magical world of England right after first year. Of course, the old fraud would've moved heaven and Earth to get Harry Potter back for his plans but Hermione wouldn't've been important enough to bother with. But at least they took the opportunity to get out as soon as possible after the final battle.
6/25/2019 c4 BratGirl1983
I am really looking forward to the next chapters, please update
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