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5/7/2016 c8 Fan
Please next .. I can't wait !
2/23/2016 c8 inventedpeace
Have I told you that I absolutely love this story? I don't think I have. But I do. I love it so much. Everytime I read it it makes me incredibly happy. Can't wait to see what will come next!
2/13/2016 c8 17Loridhhp
Beautiful chapter! It was both heartbreaking and tender. What a reunion! Maybe now Elsa can begin to heal. I can't wait for more.
2/9/2016 c8 1Elsa Tomago
This is my favorite chapter so far.. I love the reunion between Elsa and Anna.. I love their reaction.. I love Anna's response.. I love everything..

Anna has just learned about Elsa's condition and she doesn't know how to sign to communicate with her sister.. She doesn't get to learn it when Gerda, Kai and her parents did.. So, she needs Gerda to translate what she said but what Anna really wants is to talk to Elsa directly.. But it's going to be okay because Anna will learn the sign language immediately and then, the sisters will be able to talk in the future..

Elsa... My heart break when she asks Anna, "Can you still love me like this?" Elsa really loves her sister and she's very afraid of what Anna think of her.. She's afraid she would lose her sister after Anna knows the truth.. And I'm so glad when Anna said nothing could ever change her love for Elsa and that Elsa is perfect for her.. I'm really happy that the sisters are together again..
2/9/2016 c7 Elsa Tomago
I'm not here for four days and I get to read two wonderful chapters.. Wow, I really didn't expect that.. Anyway, let me review this chapter first..

I think it's good that the parents want to tell Anna the truth.. And I understand why Elsa doesn't let them do that because she's still afraid of Anna's reaction.. And when Anna asks Idun about Elsa, I love Idun's response.. She respects Elsa's wish and tell Anna the best she can..

The letters.. I love them.. Anna makes a chocolate cake for Elsa.. And Elsa eats it and then write back to Anna.. That's great..
2/8/2016 c8 Guest12
I love this story... I can't wait to the chapt
2/8/2016 c8 125Lost42
Good chapter.
2/8/2016 c8 18MantaI-305Apollo'sChariot
Good grief, the girls' parents are still idiots. They should have told Anna the second they realized Elsa's ears weren't going to get better. Anna may have been 5, but she would have understood 'Elsa can't hear you, so she's scared' or some other simple explanation. Argh.-_- At least they did get someone to teach Elsa sign language.:)

I'm glad poor Elsa at least has Gerda there for her. Anna seems willing to get to know Elsa again just like she is, but she's not going to learn to sign overnight.:P I have to say, I know Anna had no idea why Elsa wouldn't/couldn't talk to her, but asking Elsa what was wrong with her like that made me mad, even though it was understandable. It made me want to just give Elsa a hug and let her know she's okay just like she is. I'm glad Elsa explained what happened to her sister and that Anna completely understood and accepted it.:)
And Elsa falling asleep with Anna holding her was perfect.:) I think Elsa NEEDS hugs.
And Anna has her big sister back.

Can't wait for the next chapter!
2/5/2016 c7 Lyanah
Wow, the parents never actually explained the situation to Anna in the end, huh? Ten years hiding from your youngest that the eldest is deaf. And those avoiding-the-problem skills too, they rock: "She's not like you: she's, erm, quiet". That made me giggle like a loon.

I was never a fan of the parents, in the movie they handled the problem so terribly, their only "saving grace" is that they are King and Queen, so they are sort of too busy to coddle their daughters too much. That could explain why they never talked about touchy subjects with either of them, their time together already limited they just wanted some "quality" time with either girl.

I loved the tiny glimpses into what happened "in between", only thing that confused me is that I thought the one year later then the four years later were to be added so that the second scene was five years after the accident, but then I had to add five then seven years and I understood I got the thing wrong... Maybe label those scenes "four years after" instead so we know it's four years after the accident not four years since last scene. I don't know if I explained that point well, sorry for confusing English.

And I liked how well you explained the thoughts process of Elsa and of why she thinks Anna mustn't know of her condition and must be away from her. The library scene was awesome, really the kind of run ins I'd have expected in such a situation. But Anna must be so bitter and upset over that memory now, she was hurt and Elsa didn't do anything. Hmm, more material for the Big Scene of the Revelation.

This is really a great story I can't wait to read more :D
Thanks a ton for writing!
2/5/2016 c7 123theblindwriter95
Things are only going to get worse from here on out. But nice job with the story!
2/5/2016 c7 Kurochach
Oh yes it could be worse... Like your parents dying for example, you not hearing your little sister crying and telling you, begging you to come for your parent's funeral and we'll not many people or none knowing your deaf and of course them not knowing how to sign...
Nah don't worry it can't get worse. Oh sorry little one I forgot to tell you, your coronation will be a disaster ! *cackle like a mad woman*
2/4/2016 c6 Lyanah
A deaf Elsa, what an interesting idea. The King and Queen still fail totally at this parenting thing, not even explaining to Anna that her sister cannot hear anymore. Hiding it won't making any less true.

But I guess this will make the whole "she ignored me for years" even harsher and meaner in Anna's pov, as she won't ever have a reply from Elsa. Maybe one day, the sisters would cross paths in the corridor, Anna would ask something to Elsa and only have signs in reply so she'd believe Elsa brushed her off, while Elsa simply wouldn't know Anna cannot read sign language. Now that'd be sad...

In any case, I'd love to read more of this story of yours. Please continue :)
2/1/2016 c6 1Elsa Tomago
Wow, I'm impressed with Elsa.. She is a quick learner.. I'm sure she can do well in lip reading too.. It's very important to Elsa since Anna doesn't learn sign language.. I know one day Anna and Elsa will be together again.. So, the only way for Elsa to have a conversation with Anna is to read Anna's lip when she talks..
1/24/2016 c6 123theblindwriter95
Poor Anna but I'm happy that Elsa is enjoying how to learn sign language.
10/7/2015 c5 4DreamsWanderer
First off, let me say that I absolutely admire how you tend to like jumping between Elsa’s point of view and Idun’s point of view, because that is definitely the best to hit your readers right where it hurts while still giving all the information.
Now, let’s get down to business.

I really liked the nightmare scene, it positively gave me chills. I loved the white snow that covered everything, especially because I kinda like how the fact that snow muffle sounds resonates with Elsa’s deafness. The way the dream is written feel very realistic: the snow seems to appear out of nowhere.
The way the notes keep coming in with the words “your fault” repeated over and over and over again is a wonderful way to portray the guilt she’s feeling and the way she seems to fear more her deafness than her powers – it wasn’t her magic to kill her, but the fact that Elsa couldn’t hear her calling so couldn’t save her. That’s an interesting twist and I like how the focus is more on that: it’s refreshening and I’m looking forward to read how that will be developed.
The repetition of “your fault” and the “can’thearcan’thearcan’thear” was one of the best ways to portray obsessive thought I ever had the honor to read.

Idun’s point of view became absolutely heart wrenching, especially when I got to the part in which Elsa could not recognize them right away – because she couldn’t hear her mother’s voice. That tore me apart, I tell you. The stream of consciousness after that point was just excruciating. I loved the way she felt it so foreign to her, and the way she tried to talk herself out of that, to snap back in her usual way of thinking that it was just something that made Elsa who she was, not something wrong. The part when she realized that Elsa was utterly terrified because she didn’t know it was her parents trying to protect her and not to hurt her it just… it hit home.
I liked how you wove the “can she still be queen” question in. I love how you manage to touch on the physical, psychological AND political consequences, jumping so very, very smoothly from one topic to the other I barely felt the jump. The fact that you included how they thought that before she could have used her powers to protect herself in case someone tried to harm her but now can’t anymore because she won’t hear the aggressor made my blood run cold.

Elsa’s stream of consciousness was so sad, with all those “she doesn’t deserve a sister like me” and memories from her nightmare, her guilt towards the slip of her magic. The way she thinks of the silence is heartbreaking, and the consideration of how she actually IS alone if she only closes her eyes was one of the most painful things I ever read.
I liked Mr. Olsen! I appreciated his cheerfulness just like Elsa had, the man truly feels like a ray of sunshine, and I also think that his enthusiasm will help Elsa to try even harder in learning sign language. I love how he teaches her parents too. I wonder if she will learn to read lips in time?
Anyways, I really liked how you managed to weave the explanation on signs and on facial expression in your narration, and with the doubling of him writing/saying the meaning of signs and translating them you managed to keep the reader interested and following where you were going. Astounding job.
And I don’t see any issue with using ASL for this time, since there’s no way to be historically accurate. Honestly, I’m surprised you took the trouble to go and look for what they would have had at the time, because I’m pretty sure most writers would have gone automatically for the play pretend. I respect and admire your dedication.
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