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for Naruto: Renegade Cause

8/21/2022 c6 55pain17ification
Interesting take on Naruto... I gotta admit, I'm slightly put off by the first person perspective, but it's still a nice read

Looking forward to more. And, if possible, could you include Tayuya, somehow? She was underutilized, in my opinion
4/6/2020 c6 KageForce
I'm guessing you're not coming back to this at this point! But, I hope you do. Rly great story all round!
6/19/2019 c6 4Monster King
Great job please continue
8/22/2016 c6 13Fencer22
Speeches and monologues... You need less of them. You are a fairly good writer but right now your most glaring flaw is that your dialogue doesn't flow naturally. Your characters speak only infrequently and then Naruto dominates every conversation with massive speaches. It's not realistic, and it ruins the flow. Break it down into smaller chunks, give your other characters more lines and maybe try to cut out some of it altogether. Ask yourself do I really need them to say all of this. But yeah otherwise you seem to be pretty good.
8/1/2016 c6 StyxUA
Well, this story is really captivating and surprizingly full of fresh ideas (if I can call them "fresh" after at least 2 years of no update). It's really shame that it seems abandoned :(
4/16/2016 c6 1Zanzar
What happens next and when is the next chapter and could you make the chapters longer.
9/27/2015 c6 Bob-Just-Bob
sigh, such a good fic.

Oh well, if its ever continued I will be here to read it :)
7/28/2015 c6 thanatos's-shadow
This is a great story. I'm sure I've read it before but it's still a great story. My only problem is that it's in first person as opposed to third. As for the comment made in a previous chapter about being a bad student in canon... canon naruto isn't a bad student per se; canon naruto's problem is that the sensei he usually winds up with don't really seem interested in teaching him or even letting him know they believe in him. It is my opinion that canon naruto subconsciously didn't try his hardest because no one bothered to tell him they believed him.
7/10/2015 c6 LoneWolfsRage
Please continue
6/11/2015 c6 DeaD BonE
Come on update it man...
BTW though it's a nice story but don't U think only telling by naruto's POV is y' can't ya do something about this ...I mean it would be nice to see the expression on others faces like kakashi when he would see narutos chakra chains or blood clones or even his combineded clone jutsus
4/25/2015 c6 MWRANDOM
Excellent work.
2/16/2015 c6 10TheGreatDebator
Update please. I've been lurking on since I was 9 and I'm about 5 months away from my eighteenth birthday, so about 9 years I've been reading some stuff. I took a hiatus from fanfiction my 7th and 8th years, but I'm back pretty strong this year. Now, I personally never put my stuff on fanfiction but I do use wattpad, I don't think I'm quite ready for the big leagues lol so I just read. And I've about exhausted all the stories I REALLY love, NaruHina fics but the romance is not that important and mild with a lemon here and there, but mostly adventure, humor and General in that order, I also REALLY like gray and dark fics, smart naruto and bloodline Naruto fics. Hell! Even femNaruto fics, but now I'm just rambling. What I'm saying is, this fic is exceptional, which is why I followed and favorite this, and you might even, as an author get a follow and favorite if you've written more Naruto stories of this calibre, to be completely honest. This was great, I personally enjoyed it. The long chapters, the humor, the realistic nature of Naruto and his training and advancements as a ninja and person. Canon Naruto is very unrealistic to me which has left me fanon but you have done well by warping canon elements to your liking and doing it well. The ball kicking of the Uchiha, glorious lmaoo, I cried laughing for a good minute about the testicular rupturing. Genius. This is getting quite long, probably headache inducing long so I'll end this essay, for lack of better term, since review seems lacking, by saying finish this. It's unique, interesting, it's yours. From writer to writer, please update. I'm sure I wont be the only one to appreciate it. :-)
12/23/2014 c2 2zolydck
I suggest decreasing the ... wall of text.

The content itself is good but it is rather difficult to read.
12/22/2014 c6 1TGARASHI
great story update soon
11/5/2014 c6 Guest
aww.. why no update? this is a great story. destroy ninja world by economy. )
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