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for My friends are the best

4/22/2014 c2 Jake
Nice and I love hana and the fact that she is similar to erza :)
4/22/2014 c1 Jake
Your story is good
4/17/2014 c2 xAYUxCHOUXESx
You have good adjectives! Awesome!
4/17/2014 c1 xAYUxCHOUXESx
You are doing very well and have a lot of imagination! Continue like that! :)
4/16/2014 c2 2Sapphire and Ruby
1: Natsu
2: Erza
3: fairy tail
Those are my answers please tell me if there right
4/10/2014 c1 Jay
This is good, try to make chapers longer and describe a bit more :)

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