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for Dreaming Disney, A Super Six AU

5/29/2017 c8 JesusFreak
I can relate to Elsa because I have panic attacks too, because my dad died, so we have pretty much the same reason!
11/4/2015 c11 2paola312
I laughed really hard while reading this chapter, please keep going, you're an excellent writer
8/18/2015 c10 39AngelLOVERaven.Roger
Please continue soon. It's funny and I want to see if Jack has to wear a tutu or Miguel has to publicly ask Elsa on a date while he is shirtless. Thnx.
6/11/2015 c10 the fam man
Short references. Character cameos and not so cameo. I love it! The whole thing!
6/9/2015 c10 Surika Baquesta
I love your story! Please update!
6/8/2015 c10 2Bleep Bloop1
This is sooooo good! I cant wait for the outcome!
6/8/2015 c4 Bleep Bloop1
YAY! I havent read i fanfic that included Anastasia, she was my top fave!

this is seriously good by the way!
6/8/2015 c10 2paola312
Please keep writing its awesome
3/24/2015 c9 raud
Yes I know how reviews can be helpful and I hope this one gets you back on. Out of all the stories I have read, this is my favorite mainly because of all the thought, care, and cleaver writing. You are one of the few authors that fanfiction brings out. There are blatantly bad ones then there are the mediocre, then there are people like you, wasted on fanfiction and having the potential of a life time. You are a very very excellent author and I'm sad this story does not get the attention it obviously deserves. Write more. Your talent is there.
12/23/2014 c1 1PrincessEnchilada
I like the ships here! I vote Merricup not Hicstrid. Loo and Jelsa. Update soon pls
12/23/2014 c9 PrincessEnchilada
Keep writing ur a great author
12/17/2014 c4 PrincessEnchilada
Loooove the MG reference
11/13/2014 c9 Alice Tuan
You are amazing! Even though I know it must be hard for you to update on a daily basis, can you please keep on updating faster? I want to read more of this story and the beautiful world you built there. And also can you include Alice? I know I shouldn't be asking you this but your world is MAGNIFICENT and I love Alice. You are awesome and this story is the best I've read so far. None of the characters are out of character which is something I value the most about fanfictions. I hope you can update soon and I just want you to know THIS STORY IS AMAZING AND I LOVE IT.(I can't help using caps!) But why do you have to let Aurora be the mean girl, I actually like her in the movies! But I understand there has to be a villain i. The stories, anyways I hope Jack and Elsa would get together soon, they are basically the cutest couple with matching hair!
11/11/2014 c9 etharas130
What can I say? I have read a lot of fanfiction, some good some bad. This passed the bad, knocked good off the shelf and took its true spot as my number one favorite fanfiction. Everything is blended very well like a true book. I don't see that very often. Anyway, one suggestion, there is nothing wrong with your story, but hear me out. In school, there is the main group of friendly people, the 'plastics' the jocks the nerds etc. But there is sometimes, not every time, where one guy knows everything and isn't an a-hole. Add someone who is off to the side, has the best wit and cleverness and humor out if anyone, and has a stable ability to know things they shouldn't and show up at important events.
PM me if you want to try it. I have written a but myself so please try and check it out. Btw love the story. Awesome writing.
9/21/2014 c8 Anonymous Llama
I have some good comments and some bad comments.

Starting with the bad, the grammar wasn't very good. There were missing commas everywhere. Also, the incorrect word was used occasionally, and a handful of words were spelt incorrectly. I saw these mistakes in each and every one of the chapters in this story. If you don't already have a beta, I recommend getting one. If you have one, get an additionally to find the nitty-gritty mistakes. I'm going to go out on a limb and recommend my friend as a possible beta, who seems to worship grammar in school. She recommended this story for me to read. I believe her pen name is Lillian Jade.

Good comments are always nice to read. To begin, the paragraphs were well set up. It was easy to follow what exactly was going on. In addition, the plot is interesting, yet it still loosely follows the movies. The characters were interesting, and the roles they all play fit them perfectly. I hope you continue, because this is the first Disney High School story that doesn't make every prince and princess a good person. It's unique in that sense, and I like that.

Keep up the writing!
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