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for Such is the Price

2/2/2018 c1 Germzy
this is incredibly
11/2/2017 c1 Guest
Oh my god. This is exactly the kind of thing I wanted to read! I loved this so much! I love the way you write sams feelings 3
8/20/2017 c1 CalmMelody
I love this story so much. It's so touching. I keep reading this story over and over again. :>
7/25/2017 c1 LK
4/26/2017 c1 ellameno
haha hi me again just stopping by because i'm procrastinating on every responsibility and needed my DS fix so thanks again! a million reads later it's still AMAZING.
4/2/2017 c1 Krusher
Little bit plothole-ish but still cute I suppose. Is there a reason his super healing isn't working? Was he hit with the Plasmius Maximus before getting hurt or something?
10/24/2016 c1 553Colinm
10/13/2016 c1 5readingandstuff
Oh my god this hurts me deep in my soul. I love that you actually gave sam a humanity. sometimes people forget that sam is human and they don't treat her as such and here, you did and i love you for it!
7/17/2015 c1 MikeAlphaGamer
Can't say how much I love this, I would have liked Sam to have not broken down into tears, you now handled it a little better, but would have been personal preference over anything else.
So good job.
5/19/2015 c1 6Goliath101
I love this story so much! Thank you so much for writing this! So beautifully written! I hope you don't mind if I reference some of these events loosely in my new story, Avengers' Ghost 2! Don't worry, it's not a copy; just a brief mention in one paragraph! I gave you full credit! Please don't be mad! I just love this so much!
1/25/2015 c1 33Hopelessly Unromantic
I did like it! Very much so. Excellent writing! :)
12/5/2014 c1 RandomGuest
Poor Sammy! I luv this! It is descriptive and cute!
8/12/2014 c1 3WindRush
This was truly beautiful; I loved it :)
8/8/2014 c1 34Nox Counterspell
Beautiful. A very Danny thing to do, to hide his own pain in the better interest of the others.
7/14/2014 c1 GUESTGHOST
I love your story! Thank you for writing this! So awesome! Well done, indeed!
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