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for A Certain Ten Year Anniversary Celebration

1/8/2018 c8 Guest
Okay, that is ALOT of sister characters in one chapter. And only two of them came out happy in the end. Now for those next chapters...
I would love to see Kazakiri again. I don't recall any pirate characters in ToAru so I'm curious with that one. Himegami and Mugino together? I'm not sure how well that's going to play out.
These are really funny! Please keep them going!
1/8/2018 c8 4whwsms
Dem proposed future chapters look IN-teresting.
12/18/2017 c1 Majin Othinus
Glad to have you with us TAMNI fans!

I'm okay with 1 scene per chapter if it leads to more frequent updates.

Keep up the good work.
12/18/2017 c7 whwsms
"... and THAT is essentially how 'shippers' operate."



Simply Marvelous.
12/18/2017 c7 vietnamese guy
hahaha, nice chapter.
6/7/2017 c2 4Totsalu
I would love to see something featuring Othinus and Accelerator,out of all people I would love to see those two interact with eachother the most!
6/4/2017 c6 2Mr. Self-Deprecation
This was great. Good work Sarge.
5/15/2016 c5 8Dragonrails
i'm hoping to see more Othinus in this story plus Touma's mom should appear i mean his harem should gain points by impressing his mother!
5/5/2016 c5 Agent Nine
Haha, I've forgotten how funny this story is. Had to see you back after all this time! I really liked the way you wrote Othinus. Her sort-of tsundere like personality was great. Can't wait to see what she will do once she sees Touma!
7/13/2015 c4 Agent Nine
Ah, good to see you back! Nothing much happened in this chapter, but ill be looking forward to your next update on this and your other stories.
7/12/2015 c4 Guest
In the words of 'Devil May Cry': "This Party's Gettin' Crazy! LET'S ROCK!"
7/12/2015 c4 terrified touma
Thx for continuing the story i just have a question or 4. Where kanzaki Laura Stuart alestier awaiss. Two is the oc going to survive this. Three will you continue so it doesn't take another year. Four wil you plz encouraged the one who wrote the fanfic of a touma fangic screwed up and the unlucky saint. That it amazing story hope you continue bye
6/1/2014 c3 Agent Nine
Yayyyy, finally a new chapter! A really funny one too :) Hope you update soon.
6/1/2014 c3 D3vilNeverCry
Forgot my password, 'nuff said.
Wow did you just post 3 chapter in a row or has it been so long I forgot this fic even exist.
Anyway it doesn't matter, let's get it over with before I get sidetracked and rambling again... What is IT exactly ... Damn 3 AM brain ... Ah yes, question:
-Mugino, what exactly is your relationship with Frenda before she become...half the girl she used to be. I mean her betrayal and death (which is common in the darkness) literally drive you crazy (well, crazier).
-To make everyone forget that morbid question and bad pun, Aleister, really? Beast666? What does that mean? Some kind of endangered species? (I know what it mean, just don't tell him that, btw it's cool).
-Himegami...Who are you again? Are you reallt from the ToAru verse? Never seen you before? Wait who am I talking to? What are we talking about
5/3/2014 c2 1bearitone
hahaha, does anyone still remember him?
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