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for The Fairy Tail Wedding

5/3/2018 c2 Guest
i loved it
11/9/2017 c2 65Lieutenant Myst
Beautiful! Ten out ten! Absolutely amazing!
7/14/2017 c1 9FeeBee Bumblebee 2002
What's 'desu ne' mean?
5/23/2016 c1 mirajane
this was great!
5/12/2016 c2 Lily
Really lovely,..._ heart filled one! Enjoyed a lot...
1/22/2016 c2 Katie2001
Awesome story please do a sqeul
1/14/2016 c2 4sammyo3w
I LOVED THIS! This is the best Jerza story I've read on here.
1/13/2016 c2 85StevieBond
No Fairy Tail wedding is complete without a brawl! xD

That was so funny and beautiful at the same time.
1/6/2016 c2 Maya
This was sooo cute and fun to read! Great job :)
5/23/2014 c2 MIere
Nice! I love them
5/3/2014 c2 7D3m0nDarks
Aderable! I wouldn't mind seeing Jellal tied up naked at a gay bar... One time I had a dream Erza was babysitting a little boy and Jellal was a gay child molester trying to get at him XD
4/22/2014 c2 33AlcianSirius
So cutie 3

Nice story, why Mira doesn't do that in the manga ? T.T Mashima is so cruel with jerza fans.

Thanks for this fiction and good luck for the others !

See you :)
4/18/2014 c2 2hikarijade13
You've just slayed me. Literally. This was so cute and sweet and uber fluffy.
4/18/2014 c1 hikarijade13
I nearly fangirl'd myself to death reading this. Especially the proposal. Major *kyah* moment!
4/13/2014 c2 Guest
the summary sounds like pretty rhythm aurora dream. I like the story though. it's nice.
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