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12/18/2021 c4 Zeke
to me it seems you just copied and past the story of 'The Councils Folly"? this story is almost word for word.
9/15/2021 c1 1ezioscreed29
dude when ur talking about Naruto's bijuu, particularly his tails, use the plural tails, not the singular tail, kurama aka kyuubi is not the ichibi no shukaku, kurama has nine tails not one, could be a typo, so disregard if it is a typo.
9/6/2021 c11 Zeke
wish there was more.
5/11/2021 c6 Guest
Good story
3/20/2021 c1 Guest
This is why the hyuga clan will never allow anyone to marry someone from the outside into the clan
she is stronger than she was in the first Naruto, but she does not have any fundamental changes since she would not really be Hinata otherwise. Plus even if he did return her feelings it could not actually go anywhere, I feel that all those stories where they fall in love and get married are actually pretty unrealistic (aside from the fact that it happens within the span of five seconds). While the manga does not up and say it, the fact that every hyuga looks like every other hyuga means that they practice inbreeding (Incest), as heir to the hyuga clan Hinata would never be allowed to marry outside of said clan (plus the elders would never allow the Byakugan to belong to another clan
3/20/2021 c3 Etro champion
Your story has potential it's not that I've seen far worse I suck at spelling if I try to write a story you need a Rosetta Stone to translate it the saddest stories of the truest
2/1/2021 c11 Zeke
damn! Why are all the really good stories short? I enjoyed this and wish there was more.
12/26/2020 c10 6Deltared52952
little bro to the rescue
7/4/2020 c11 biginferno
I hope you come back and update and complete this and as for the third girl I hope its Tayuya or Samui
8/30/2019 c2 48Soulhope The Wolf
given orochimaru left two years after the nine tails attack so its very likely jiraiya raised naruto for those two years as he did not really form his spy network until after orochimaru left the village.
8/12/2019 c11 13creativesm75
5/6/2019 c11 BENJAMIN
Ojala continues elfanfic sera muy interesante como Anko le dara seguridad a hinata muy pocos fanfic abarcan eso, al mismo tiempo mantendras a los lectores interezados.
4/3/2019 c11 benjamin
continualo esta emocionante.
3/23/2019 c4 Guest
You're not a real Naruto fan stop pretending you hack writer
12/9/2018 c11 benjamin
jajaj ino y sakura sufriran continua el fanfic son pocos los que involucran a temari y hinata a excepcion de harem extenso buen trabajo
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