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for A Mutant Witch

8/25/2020 c9 Bronze
They certainly did her no favors where she was created. I have to wonder what their plan for her was after each assassination. Unless they were simply gonna erase her memory after each mission and place her in stasis, she would eventually grow up and have all these problems anyways.
8/12/2020 c8 Bronze
Well, I guess that's one way to frighten a mutant with a really fast healing factor and in indestructible skeleton. It certainly makes for an interesting idea.
8/9/2020 c3 Bronze
Ya, safe with the twins. But what happens when a greasy haired fool peeks into her head? Or thee headmaster decides to have a quick peek? Will it be safe with either of them?
1/5/2019 c14 Argonaut986
Ember is not happy with those two.
1/5/2019 c13 Argonaut986
Harry will be fine.
1/5/2019 c12 Argonaut986
Harry is making progress.
1/5/2019 c11 Argonaut986
Ember had a hellish past.
1/5/2019 c10 Argonaut986
Harry is in for a better life!
1/5/2019 c9 Argonaut986
Charles may be able to clear up ember’s confusion.
1/5/2019 c8 Argonaut986
Ember is confused about love.
1/5/2019 c7 Argonaut986
Wildchild got her butt kicked!
1/5/2019 c6 Argonaut986
Wild child is in for quite the fight.
1/5/2019 c5 Argonaut986
Ember will kill for Harry’s sake?
1/5/2019 c4 Argonaut986
Ember is related to harry?
1/5/2019 c3 Argonaut986
Charles will flip his lid, when he learns about Harry’s hell life(I refuse to call that a home life!).
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