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for A Mutant Witch

5/30/2014 c11 Lady Jamboreemon
Keep updating!
5/30/2014 c10 Lady Jamboreemon
I really was surprised that Kirt could have seen Hogwarts at all. Maybe, he could work at the school, you know for a little more um money for his own school?
5/30/2014 c9 Lady Jamboreemon
Keep updating. This is a good story, and I am sure that Hogwarts has magic to protect it from holes in the tower stonework.
5/30/2014 c8 Lady Jamboreemon
Keep updating, and sorry for not reading in a while.
5/11/2014 c12 Kitten Arina
I am not sure what to think about this. It is interesting but at the same time the whole OC tends to be a bad thing that I normally avoid because way to often authors make the oc self inserts and over power them so far that has not been the case, but it happens more often than not.
4/30/2014 c12 2Penny is wise
Awesome chapter.
4/30/2014 c10 Penny is wise
Awesome chapter. Kitty's boyfriend isn't Quicksilver, yes it's Lance but Lance is Avanlanche he makes the earthquakes.
4/30/2014 c6 Penny is wise
Kind of pointless to make someone try to kill Logan lol, he's immortal. His whole skeleton is metal that can't be destroyed I think only Magneto would have a chance to destroy Logan somehow.
good on him :)
lol nawwwww yes she can but still not healthy and also harry does need her
4/23/2014 c9 4dream lighting
Poor ember hope her and Fred work it out please add more wonder why Xavier is there please keep going
4/19/2014 c7 dream lighting
Did not see that coming happy Harry has a sister no longer at the Dudley's please add. More soon
4/18/2014 c7 Lady Jamboreemon
Keep updating. I am glad the Dursleys won't know of a Harry Potter in a matter of time due to Cerebro's thing.
4/18/2014 c6 Lady Jamboreemon
If she was talking about the wizards healing people or themselves, I think there is spells for that. If not, Fawkes' tears can do the trick, right? Please don't let Ember hurt him-Fawkes that is. Let them make friends, share some things, but not harm each others person. Keep updating.
4/18/2014 c5 Lady Jamboreemon
Keep updating this. Good story so far.
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