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6/2/2018 c11 224Finalcool720
Awesome mix of detective conan and danganronpa and nice mix of other animes and games nice job
8/16/2017 c9 Mask rider roy
Quite short, but good chapters.

Good to see the DR crew and Conan, though i am not quite a fan of letter bee despite havibg watched it on Animax a few years ago...
8/16/2017 c5 Mask rider roy
Nice chapter though i got a bit lost during the first half of this chapter.

Feel sorry for Conan, though...
8/12/2017 c4 364Mask Rider Roy
So Professor Layton is here...

Will check back for the rest later...
8/12/2017 c1 Mask Rider Roy
Hmm...this looks tempting but i did get a bit confused. Nevertheless an interesting one. Will be back to check the rest
3/13/2017 c1 hautedlife
prodigy level normal person... um.. i have no response...
11/28/2016 c11 Pikapalsforever12
I'm guessing that the story is discontinued? Either way it's awesome!
3/31/2016 c2 Guest
I love the part where pearl puch them lol
10/31/2015 c1 9Team Mike
Love the concept. I've only read this intro, but I'd like to see more Ace Attorney characters (I haven't read anything past the prologue, so maybe there are more and I'm wrong) and maybe more Layton characters too. Combining the cast of Danganronpa 1 and Danganronpa 2 is something I've considered. My fanfiction is a Danganronpa x Phoenix Wright story, which I think you'll like. I do plan to read the rest later, because it sounds really interesting. Feel free to PM me to chat about Phoenix, Dangan, Layton, etc
6/4/2015 c11 7gundam 09
Come on don't let other reviews ruin you keep on writing your story also I want to see what happens next and bay any chance you could put inspector Megure in the next chapter and the judge from Phoenix Wright to?
1/30/2015 c11 36Sith Droideka
First off, some criticisms: your writing isn't very good. You have frequent typos and punctuation errors, and your prose is very bland and uninteresting. All of the characters sound the same, to the point of being slightly out of character. The best example of this is Conan; he doesn't sound like himself. Since he's the narrator character, you really have to work hard at capturing his voice. Additionally, you have too many characters. 40 is way too many to keep track of, especially since only about a dozen of them actually make regular contributions to the chapter. I don't think, say, Genta's had a line since the first chapter. I'd recommend just killing off everyone but the major players.
That said, this is an interesting concept and I do hope you continue it. I rather like the game-like format, although I wish you would come up with your own cases instead of taking ones from the Detective Conan live action drama. I've never heard of Letter Bee before, so I won't try to guess the mystery you just set forth, but I am eager to see what other worlds you put the characters into. The way you're writing it, the possibilites are limitless! Can I put in a request for either Cowboy Bebop or Trigun next? Maybe even Persona 4!
9/11/2014 c11 Zer0r0r0
For the words.., wow I in L-O-V-E with this STORY!
9/11/2014 c11 8Darklight of the 0 arcana
What would happen next?
5/25/2014 c5 Great fan-M
At least it wasn't revealed that he's shinichi kudo! So in a way con- I mean shinichi is in the clear.
5/15/2014 c5 Samphsongsongsong
Pearl pearl if I was there I couldve scold, of course Conan COULD be accidently or he is just a child theres no need to hit him hardly with rolling pin now see the results?
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