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for Learning To Swim When You're A Computer

6/21/2018 c1 8ShortFandomPerson
Great first chapter!
6/4/2017 c7 Witchkitty
Update I love this
4/25/2017 c7 7Kingdom Hearts Slayer
keep going
3/7/2016 c7 Doclover
I liked it please update soon
3/7/2016 c7 1Truman B
Really Great!
3/7/2016 c7 4Anonlabratslover
Yay you updated
Plz update soon I love this story
3/7/2016 c7 48Dirtkid123
YAAAAAAAS! I WAS IN DESPERATE NEED FOF THIS STORY! I CANT EVEN! So davenport figured it out... He better not tell Adam Bree or Leo! Please update soon!
1/9/2016 c6 Offended
Im from texas, and we do not talk the way you think. Were just like everyone else. And no... Not everyone have a pickup truck, listens to country music, and not al the women are sexy. 1/2 of them are the furthest FROM sexy.
12/17/2015 c6 ArticSarcastic
Please, continue!
8/31/2015 c6 100daphrose
Hahaha! XD Aw, is poor Spikey afraid of the fish? XD That was priceless! Woo-boy, I'd pay money to see that happen. Awesome job!
8/30/2015 c6 Doclover
Please update soon
8/30/2015 c6 1Little Psycho x
Great story, please update soon! :)
8/29/2015 c6 inactiveuser2017
This is brilliant!
8/29/2015 c6 14Assan-Mahariel
Oooh can't wait for the next update!
8/29/2015 c6 2Avengers13
lol! I love the ending! Hilarious! Can't wait to see what happens! :D
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