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for Under Pressure

4/17/2019 c5 Guest
Please update. I think this is going to be like Carrie
8/2/2017 c5 StevieDelRivers
Omgggggg, I'm scared! I don't know why, but when I read the part about pig's blood, my mind went straight to the movie "Carrie." Bebe seems like such a sweetheart, so I'm hoping this isn't one big joke her and Craig have cooked up to humiliate Tweek. I can't wait for the next chapter! :)
11/1/2015 c5 3Kiatana
Aww poor Tweek
8/25/2015 c5 TrioF
Bebe Bebe just what are you playing at? Plans? Plans for what? Hopefully this dose not end badly. Update soon please.
4/13/2015 c5 3Ohmehgawdnotagain
OMG! I'm almost in tears! This is too good! Gah! I cant believe wait- I just just OMG! I'm flippin out! Please continue! Love youuuu!
4/13/2015 c4 Ohmehgawdnotagain
OMFG! I just love this sooo much! You are very creative and you capture Tweek very well! I love the story line of this! Plz continue! 3
4/12/2015 c5 Guest
Please continue to update!
4/10/2015 c5 2GrewUpScrewedUp
Ooo, a plan. I wonder what it is.
4/10/2015 c5 azuresflame
This is a great story! :D
3/26/2015 c4 TrioF
Interesting very interesting this story is. I have to wonder what game is Craig playing dose he secretly like Tweek or he is plan to do something evil to him at the homecoming dance? Update soon please.
1/27/2015 c3 3Ohmehgawdnotagain
AWE! I can't wait for more! Please continue I love it so far!
10/13/2014 c2 Mish
I need mooooore, please update soon! I feel bad for Tweek, he just needs somebody to understand him ;n;
8/20/2014 c1 ShoopDaPotato
Me and my friends are kind of scared of butterflies
6/24/2014 c2 3TheAwesomePandaChan
I'm pretty sure craig got him that.
6/3/2014 c2 3Ohmehgawdnotagain
Poor Tweek :( I hope he and Craig figures things out. Plz keep writing I just love writing Creek stories and I love reading them!
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