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for Divergent: A story of family, love, and friendship

4/9/2020 c8 Cupcake
Please update! :)
7/2/2018 c7 tamwhit
this is a really good story please say you will continue
7/8/2016 c7 Guest
seriously over already? keep posting please!
1/3/2016 c7 throughshallows
Please update. Because I'm really enjoying this!
11/20/2014 c7 fourtris4evs
omg this story is too adorable. pretty please continue it!
10/28/2014 c7 larryberry46
Ooh please update I really like this you are a good writer
7/10/2014 c7 Rose Gram
Yes I like this story very much I always thought of Zeke and Tris getting together so thanks love the story please update as soon as you have time
6/26/2014 c1 fann101
Please update soon! I love this story!
5/25/2014 c7 6We'rekindacrazylikethat
Um, I have an Idea. What if Zeke doesn't remember her at first, because she looks different. And it's 2 years later, and then she gets mad at him, like, "I can't believe you!" And he doesn't know what he did wrong, they talk it over. Maybe they kiss? I know you probably want Fourtris though or something.
5/25/2014 c5 We'rekindacrazylikethat
Awesome! She's dauntless now. That's where she belongs. With Zeke.
5/25/2014 c1 We'rekindacrazylikethat
Awesome! I love this idea! It's original and I like it, there are so many 'Fourtris' or 'divergent high school' or 'Fourtris training new initiates' or 'four cheated on me' or 'tris runs away' stories. I like that you have a different idea. :)
5/25/2014 c7 2Ria0207
I love it!
4/21/2014 c7 track1swimming2tennis3
That was a very good story and you should add a new chapter soon!
Zeke and Uriahs last name is Pedrad...
4/21/2014 c3 Megan1239
Zeke an durians last name is PEDRAD. not ebon
Good story. But I'm kinda iffy with the names being wrong. I care too much about details
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