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for One Last Look

2/3/2017 c1 111GalaxieGurl
Loved this.
3/3/2015 c1 gatewatcher
2/8/2015 c1 GuiltyPleasure90
That scene was painful...THIS is painful! Ugh...beautifully written! Well done
7/27/2014 c1 Ob1booboo2
This was great. My feelings on what happened exactly. Thank you
7/3/2014 c1 7BoothGirlForever
Painful. Sigh. He is truly noble. Even when he doesn't want to be. I'm so glad he finally got what he deserved.

Very nice. Quite well-written.
6/18/2014 c1 38BitOBonesFluff
I don't really read a lot of fanfiction, despite attempting to write it, its a case of finding ones that call to me, but this was truly gorgeous. I love things written in the first person. It's not easy to do, I know, I've tried, but you captured Booth perfectly. Lovely.
4/16/2014 c1 15dmnky
I really liked this.

I liked it for all of the obvious reasons: because it's about Booth; because it's told from Booth's point of view (and you know how much I love seeing into his mind); because we see Booth straddling the civilian and military worlds (his past and future), and because 5x22 crystalizes everything about what B&B are and will become into a single moment (when he clasps her hand and says "A year from today...").

But what I really liked (no, LOVED) most was how you bore right into the heart of this man and what he felt at that very moment.

You really captured his anguish in this. "I can't watch her get on that plane. I just can't." It kills him that it, that they, have come to this, but he knows he cannot change it. The need he feels for her is all-encompassing, challenging his strength of will, which is considerable. "I know I shouldn't look back, but I can't help myself. Just one last look, that's all I want. At least, that's what I tell myself" My heart breaks for him here, like it does every time I watch this scene. You captured this so well and so completely.

My favorite line, above all of them in this short but heart-wrenching piece, has to be this one: "Maybe her heart isn't as closed as she thinks it is. Maybe she has changed like I think she has."

Setting aside all of the real-life details about the legal consequences of going AWOL and missing movement, we all knew that in that moment, as he held her hand and their eyes locked, had she wavered for a moment, he would have walked away from the Army and never looked back. He knew what he wanted, but felt powerless to ask for it after being rebuffed in Ep 100. His eyes are full of the anguish of knowing how close he is to what could be, and that line you wrote capture all of it in a single utterance that is perfectly Boothy.

Really well done. Maybe you can bookend it with his thoughts meeting her on the Mall after seven months.

With mettā,
4/12/2014 c1 julianne
I really liked it. Keep on writing I'd like to see more of what you can do.
4/11/2014 c1 291FaithinBones
I liked it very much. If only Booth had took the risk and kissed her. They were still obligated to go but maybe it would have been enough to keep Hannah at bay.
4/10/2014 c1 jsboneslover
When this scene first aired, I hated it because I knew the show runners were using it to put a wedge between Booth and Bones, and I was so OVER the keeping them apart. Now that we have the blond devil and heartache behind us, it IS an interesting scene worth writing about, and you have done that beautifully.
4/10/2014 c1 mspteach
That scene still gives me a lump in my throat! Even knowing "it all works out in the end " the look on his face have revealed the inner dialog that is blazing in THAT look. Crack in the block and out came a lovely little moment!
4/11/2014 c1 6meekerprincess9778
very good
4/11/2014 c1 lavicalinaezza
greta os
4/11/2014 c1 11doge
One word. Perfect.0
4/10/2014 c1 21SnowyBones
EEEE! This is perfect! Absolutely perfect! You really captured Booth's conflict so well here. I felt all those emotions I felt when I first watched that episode all over again while reading this piece.

I kept thinking "Don't do it! Don't go! Stay! Both of you stay! You love each other!" Just like when I watched this the first time.

It was so obvious when they both looked back that neither wanted to leave. But they had too. Neither of them would ever walk away from their obligations. I hope this helped break through your writers block. *fingers crossed* Again, this was just a brilliant little drabble. :)
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