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for Warriors Between Two Worlds

5/29/2018 c2 4Monster King
Great story I really liked it a shame that you gave up on it.
7/9/2014 c2 Gravity The Wizard
Sighhh so Hinata-hime was listed in chapter one to get reader/reviewers like me to start your storyline. Or maybe she was listed to have your story added to pro Naru-Hina communities only to dump her later then hmmm. Wish authors would refrain from using this deceptive practice.
4/11/2014 c1 Shinxa
i guess kurenai is out of the harem as she is more of a motherly figure
4/11/2014 c1 Friendo
Tsume,Hana,Tsunade,Kushina,Tayuya,Karin,Haku(if you're gonna do the wave arc),Shizuka,Sakura(seriously haven't found a good one in harem fics),Anko,Kurenai,Yugao,Shizune.I have a few more but that's fine.
4/11/2014 c1 bankai777
you could add Shion,Amaru,Samui,Yugito and Koyuki.

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