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for Life, Love and Sakura Blossoms

5/23/2015 c23 Rhiannon125
So short? Arghhhhhh!Don't keep us hanging!
12/1/2014 c22 sebabug
I hope you're proud of the amount of times I cried reading this story so far, lawd. I just hope Kiba is back for good, poor Sakura deserves happiness. OTL
Please update soon! I love your story c:
11/29/2014 c22 2SpadesRaven
plz continue this soon
7/31/2014 c21 Remmy
Tiny spelling mistakes here and there. By the way it's sharingan not sharingon. Though other than that I love the fanfic, the plot and your style of story telling. Update soon please.
7/31/2014 c21 SpadesRaven
oasuasasaaa? i found the word funny. lol more plz
7/31/2014 c21 3MuffinMan9223
7/7/2014 c20 2SpadesRaven
more plz
7/6/2014 c19 XxSakuraFanxX
God I hope kiba didn't die and he comes back and him and Sakura get back together and live happily ever after
7/4/2014 c19 2mijubuki
i dunno if you've noticed but both chapter 18 and 19 ended with the exact same nonsense, which is ''but my mission was a success. Naruto has everything."owght. "touched, a toxin filtered the room; I'ould help to know some oasuasasaaa'' . not sure why that's happening? aside from that, great job with the story!
6/26/2014 c18 3NoTimeToLive
I can't believe you killed Kiba. He was the best guy in the whole story... like forreal .YOU?!...update soon :)
6/25/2014 c18 3MuffinMan9223
Nice cliffhanger, I await the next.
6/12/2014 c17 katt massacre5
Please for the love of god update more often! Its incredibly good so far and it definitely has my interest even though kiba is gone :( keep up the awesome work on this
6/11/2014 c17 8mischiefpuff
Oh come on, go away Sasuke! But anyway I hope things work out for Sakura/Genma
5/12/2014 c16 9Didd23
i keep getting the feeling Kiba is still alive, and that everyone is just trying to keep Sakura in one piece until he gets back
5/3/2014 c15 8mischiefpuff
I hate how everyone's being so over procreative of her. I understand but still, she's not gonna get better if everyone keeps hiding her.
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