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6/8/2014 c12 Guest
Amazing! Please please please update realllllly soon
6/8/2014 c12 Guest
IT HAS TO BE A GIRL! Such a great story, sad to see the epilogue coming!
6/9/2014 c12 1heartaches
omg I swear you'll kill me with so much cuteness! I was having a bad day and this chapter brightened it, thank you so much! And now I'm crying again because there’s just two chapters left? I don't think I can handle it, if I could make this story never end, I would. Ans we didn't even get to see the wedding! I was so excited... but that's cool, this chapter was perfect anyways
6/7/2014 c11 Guest
I hope their baby is a girl
6/9/2014 c12 hugefan99
6/9/2014 c12 12EriKl17
Well done! This was so sweet. I like the fact that Jade loves the boys so much! That's my favorite song as well!
6/9/2014 c12 22sshaw101
I'm so incredibly excited that I had to literally sleep on it to be able to form sentences. They've been though so much in the short time they're known each other and it's absolutely friggin adorable! Poor Ezra! I feel like he's gonna have a hard time with the baby! And he interupted some pretty special stuff between his parents! Cute kid, bad timing! I almost started crying when I realized it was a blueprint. I just can't believe they actually designed their own house and it's gonna be so perfect! They've got a bright future ahead of them for their family and I hope it only gets better.
6/9/2014 c12 JustCallMeDemi
Awww, I'm so sad the story is going to end. :'( But this chapter was awesome I can't wait for the next one :D
6/8/2014 c12 4223marilyn
Ahhhhhhhh ur a genius! U dont know how much I love love love this story XD its sooo interesting n so worth it! Thanx for this frickin amazing fanfic cant wait for the next chapter :)
6/8/2014 c12 14myfriendfiction
I love this chapter! They are the perfect little family. I love the potty training stuff, it was really funny, and Jade shopping with Tori was some great girl stuff. My prediction about Beck's surprise was right so it was great seeing that come to life. I hope Jade has a girl since they already have two boys. I am disappointed we didn't see any of the wedding, you should do a flashback or something. I can't believe it is almost over! I have enjoyed every word.
6/8/2014 c12 21Gilliesnation
6/8/2014 c12 6ahsnapitzkian
Awwww! I dont want this story to end! Will there be another story based off this one about there lives? I have a feeling that Im gonna re-read this whole story again later cause its amazing! I really am gonna miss there little family!
6/7/2014 c11 22sshaw101
That was way too adorable and I feel like I'm gonna explode! I knew something was up when she was all "nervous". I really want them to have a girl just cause I feel like it'd be perfect. As much as Finn will love it, Ezra's gonna be so jealous, seeing as Jade's his favorite person. Maybe they'll be able to prepare him enough for it. I kinda wish they could've known at the party, so they could just drop that bombshell and leave, but being up Ryder was also wonderful! I almost can't contain my excitement cause it's just so wonderful!
6/5/2014 c11 Guest
Please I want them to have a baby girl.. I want a princess bade! #Twins
6/5/2014 c11 hugefan99
Yay! Can't wait for the next update!
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