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5/21/2014 c10 anonymous
5/20/2014 c10 Guest
OMG. That ending was intense, i loved it. I hope you update soon, because that cliffhanger was just wow :D oh and "don't touch mommy" made me smile
5/20/2014 c10 Guest
OMG! You have to update now!
5/22/2014 c10 3twenty four7bade
Oh shit! Oh my God. Frickin Ryder! And her DAD! how could he?! Ugh. I hope she smacks the shit out of Ryder btw. Lol omg. Cant wait for the next update!
5/21/2014 c10 12Fighter for the title
5/20/2014 c10 hugefan99
Ooh cliffhanger! I can't wait for the next update! I hope it's soon! :D 3
5/20/2014 c10 1heartaches
please, just make Jade puch Ryder in the face or I swear I'll go in this restaurant and punch him myself! I knew it had something to do with Ryder! Beck will be so upset if he kisses Jade... I'll be too! I just hope they go home as fast as they can so this stupid idea is forgotten! Why don't Collin forces Veronica to marry Ryder? Ugh I'm so mad right now, everything was just too good to be true! :((
5/20/2014 c10 14myfriendfiction
I did not see that coming! Oh, Mr. West, of course you have an agenda, which I figured, but then Ryder comes out of nowhere confessing his everlasting love! Amazing plot twist! As far as everything else goes I love all the fluff: from the morning surprise scenes to Tori and Jade talking at lunch to all the little details like the plane ride and Finn having trouble sleeping. It was all so marvelous! This chapter was the perfect mix of fluff and shock. I also love that it picked up where it left off.
5/20/2014 c10 4223marilyn
O...M...GOOOOOD! jeez ur a genius and I thought things couldnt get any juicier lol I cant wait for the next chapterS sorry im just sooo exited! XD u really know how to write a cliffhanger I am at loss of words my friend hahaha anyway keep doing wat u do
5/20/2014 c10 22Quillcox
Well, then. Should've seen that coming. I really like this story. Always continue!

5/19/2014 c9 BadeLove
omg they're so cute, i love it.
I want to see the reaction of the kids when they see her
5/19/2014 c9 12Fighter for the title
5/18/2014 c9 j
The feels! Cant wait for Finn's reaction when he'll see Jade again. And also for the Bade wedding :") but i think the Jade-Ryder conflict should be resolved first :D Surprise us on ur nxt chapter! :)
5/18/2014 c9 22sshaw101
I'm glad the court stuff went well and it's so cute how much Finn misses Jade!
5/16/2014 c9 BadeShipper4Ever
They're so sweet.

Please update cause I wanted to see their reactions when they see Jade.
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