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3/10/2021 c1 6JoMalice
I loved this Akashi! Great fic
5/25/2015 c1 julie.buffet.9
more please... lol that was lovely!
7/15/2014 c1 14roYaLAnemone11
Akashi freaking Seijuuro... hahahha! You have a new name, bestowed by your beloved Kou-chan!
6/27/2014 c1 sama.yunho
Hello I'm really really happy! This fiction is wonderful! I can't control my mind while reading this fic. I just want to shout out! uhm... can I have your permission to translate this fic into VietNamese author-san? I hope you will accept... I will be very happy if I have your permission. thank you so much!
4/20/2014 c1 Yuki Rivaille
WOW can not stay there!
please! you must continue XD
but your fanfiction was great!
Thanks like me and had fun to read AkaFuri
jaa ne!
4/13/2014 c1 38SpiritofLove961
Okay, it must be Christmas because you keep blessing the AkaFuri fans with these amazing stories! This one was so hot! Thank the gods for AkaFuri day!

3 Spirit
4/13/2014 c1 Guest
I ! I hope there is another chapter to this and I would love to see this in Akashi's POV.
4/12/2014 c1 64CALIC0
please say this is not a one shot. pretty please... (puss in boots eyes no jutsu!)
4/12/2014 c1 Iziel
hahaha i love this pairing, poor Kouki though :D hahaha

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